Social Roundup – September Part II

By Vendavo
September 18, 2015

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The first half of September has been busy, hasn’t it? From issues about clocks to pressing decisions about refugees, we have not been left searching for news. Most recently, the conversation has been dominated by the GOP debate and a certain real estate tycoon. To help you take a break from these stories, here a few you might have missed.

1. Here are CFOs’ 6 biggest fears right now

Synopsis: Economic uncertainty. Currency fluctuations. Growth risks. These are just a few of the worries currently troubling the minds of modern CFOs. In this article, Business Insider dives into the different concerns that CFOs cite as their biggest fears.

Key Quote: “These executives are also worried that a strong US dollar will hurt their overseas operations and depress revenue growth in the US.”

For more info on this topic, see Michael Hoffman’s piece “Harness Enterprise Data To Win On The Global Stage

2. 10 Ways Analytics Are Accelerating Digital Manufacturing

 Synopsis: Big Data and analytics adoption is a growing priority among manufacturers in their effort to foster growth. The complexity and scale of manufacturing industries require digital technologies that set a foundation for success. 

Key Quote: “Analytics is providing greater insights into product, process, program and service quality, forcing manufacturers to revamp existing production centers and make them more efficient.”

3. Corporate Profitability Might Fall in Coming Decades: McKinsey

Synopsis: According to a recent McKinsey report, corporate profitability will drop from 10% of global GDP in 2013 to 7.9% by 2025. While a number of factors influence this drop, the report highlights an increase in competition in various industries, including transportation and utilities.

 Key Quote: “This rise in competition will lead to a fierce battle among existing companies to retain their slice of the pie, thereby lowering profit margins.”

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