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Deal Price Optimizer

Use AI to calculate your customers’ willingness to pay.

Replace Guesswork with Scientific, Data-Driven Pricing Predictions

Deal Price Optimizer is an AI-powered price optimization software, easily added to Vendavo’s powerful Deal Price Guidance segmentation solution.

With it, you’ll calculate optimized pricing guidance thanks to our patented Vendavo Power & Risk™ algorithm. You’ll use historical transactional data to calculate optimized prices that maximize margin and minimize the risk of losing customers during any sales negotiations.

Run impact analysis on guidance levels, quickly generate as many price scenarios and models as you need, and automate the price-setting process to your quoting tool. You’ll put winning prices that predict a customer’s willingness to pay in your sales team’s hands that give them a potent advantage during negotiations.

Deal Price Optimizer Software Powers Customer Outcomes

Optimized Price Setting

Through Vendavo’s patented Power and Risk Algorithm, enterprise businesses can maximize revenue & margin, while minimizing downside business risk.

Infuse Your Business Insights

Deal Price Optimizer allows enterprises to evaluate the quality of segmentation and take corrective action to augment or overrule AI-based recommendations. No Black Box AI here!

Performance at the Speed of Digital Commerce

Lighting fast model output generation eliminates the need to establish manual estimates for pricing guidance. Your enterprise sales team is given optimized pricing guidance across segments to win more deals.

Intelligent Forecasting

Powered by a patented Vendavo Power & Risk™ algorithm, Vendavo’s price optimization software allows for more accurate forecasting while also freeing up time that would otherwise have been dedicated to manual processes. 

A highly intelligent solution, the software puts the power back into the hands of your team members. Staff benefit from a huge range of new and improved capabilities – all of which are backed up by data-driven insights.

Capabilities That Drive Profitability

Pricing Power & Risk™
  • Pricers can calculate the margin potential for price changes as it relates to segment variables that they determine as pricing power-sensitive variables
  • Pricers can manage the risk associated with price changes across their segments measuring variables that influence sensitivity to price changes
Override Values
  • Manually adjust computed values to ensure outcomes reflect business insight
  • Use true augmented intelligence through the blending of your business insights with powerful AI
Get Full Visibility
  • Use data visualization to show the distribution of margin or discount for each segment + an overlay of guidance
  • List recent transactions that have been assigned to a segment to visually confirm the segmentation makes business sense
Set Guidance Strategy
  • Use efficient definition of price guidance windows/envelops, while having the option to set the desired output value (margin/discount) instead of making these dependent on the computation
Review Segment Scores & Guidance Details

Review the computed power and risk scores and guidance level settings for each segment and identify the need for adjustments

Our Deal Price Optimizer Suite

Built to work with your specific expertise and inputs to quickly deliver actionable insights.

A Few Deal Price Optimizer FAQs

What is price optimizer software?

Price optimizer software enables companies to determine the best possible prices for their products or services using highly detailed quantitative analysis. 

Calculations take a range of factors into account, from market conditions and competitor research to ongoing promotions and negotiations. The company’s own targets and future expansion plans may also play a role in determining the optimal prices for its products.

How does pricing optimization software work?

Software used to manage pricing optimization relies on the power of data. The intelligent software analyses a huge range of different metrics, which will have been hand-picked to provide a company with the most accurate calculations for its specific pricing requirements. 

Metrics are continuously monitored by pricing optimization software, with all analyses available for team members to explore in real-time. The software will then use these figures to determine the best possible pricing at any given time. 

Could price optimization be done manually?

In the past, price optimization would always have been done manually. And while it’s still possible to manage prices in this way, it’s far from the best solution for most companies. 

Manual price optimization leaves a company open to a range of problems, which can significantly hamper optimization efforts. These include the risks of human error and the time constraints that those managing price optimization manually will inevitably be under.

Complex price optimization algorithms can analyze huge amounts of data and make decisions based on that data at speeds that would be impossible for a human. As a result, software offers a far more efficient option for companies looking for a reliable and effective optimization solution.