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Strong competition, supply issues, consumer changes, bargaining power, ecommerce, and channel disruptions require business agility for manufacturing and distribution companies selling their products to consumers – even if they are selling indirectly. Advance and improve your pricing, selling, and rebate processes with Vendavo.

We’ll help you grow profits, margin, and revenue so you can keep providing the products and services your brokers, distributors, and consumers expect and desire.

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World’s Iconic Beer and Beverage Company Taps into Vendavo for Streamlined Pricing Strategy

Molson Coors, for 200 years, has been brewing, marketing, and selling the world’s most iconic and beloved beer brands. This is a complex system where the pricing execution team must balance the intricacies of various regions and distributor partners with large amounts of pricing data and new taxes and regulations.


is expected with a CAGR of 12% over 2020-2025 in Retail eCommerce (direct-to-consumer is growing)

Hedges & Company


of consumers who switched brands or retailers plan to incorporate these new behaviors into their routines.



of respondents are willing to share some kind of personal data in exchange for a better customer experience.

PWC, Loyalty Survey

Technological advancements fundamentally change how your business addresses complexity

We are deeply committed to understanding the complexities and breadth of the consumer products industry so we can build stronger pricing, rebate, and selling solutions. For more than two decades, we’ve served leading manufacturers and distributors. We’ve built upon our experience to improve our products and our processes.

Consumer Products companies face multiple levels of complexity – from many channels and distributors, keeping up with competition and timing pricing changes, providing sales teams with the information they need to negotiate better deals, adapting to updated governmental and regional regulations, and reducing overall risks – companies must find ways to control pricing, manage distributor and consumer incentives, and optimize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Set deal and net prices, harmonize pricing across regions, business units, and countries while upholding rebates and incentives throughout your channel structure.

Vendavo empowers you to identify new products, create new commercial opportunities. unify your pricing processes, quote better and faster, analyze your pricing data, and drive higher margins despite any disruption or changing market conditions.

Leading Capabilities for Common Industry Challenges


  • Evolving markets and competition requires dynamic pricing capabilities
  • Limited understanding and visibility of perceived competition
  • Commercial processes are not efficient for getting optimized, winning prices in front of customers
  • Pricing efficiently and accurately across all channels, distributors, customers, and partners
  • Lack of understanding high turnover rates and tight profit margins
  • Complexity with regulations and rules need workflow, automation, and audit abilities


  • Cumbersome commercial processes resulting slow approvals and quote times
  • Lack of relevant customer context for negotiation
  • Lack of single integrated view of the customer
  • Meeting new, more demanding customer and channel expectations
  • Competitive price pressure is increasing


  • The importance of business unit performance to the overall profit and revenue of the organization
  • Limited profitability and performance visibility
  • Limited understanding of how to appropriately treat customers to match value offered to customer willingness-to-pay and their shifting preferences
  • Supply, demand, regulatory disruptions
  • Proactively gaining market share and beating the intense competition

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