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Vendavo’s Product Roadmap Approach

Our approach to building our products is centered on our customers.

Kamal Sabnani

Principal Product Manager

Saravanan Krishnakumar

VP, Rebate and Channel Management

Agile, Continuous Releases

Drawing on our years of experience and deep expertise, we are always releasing new functionality to serve the needs of our customers and the wider market. We are committed to continuous innovation and our fingers are always on the pulse of the industry – whether that’s through collecting customer feedback, analyzing trends and data, or developing relationships with industry analysts.

Your Voice Impacts Our Roadmap

We are constantly listening to gather direct, indirect, and inferred data and
input from our customers about product enhancements.

Direct Customer Feedback

Your voice matters. We collect direct customer feedback from our Customer Advisory Council Meetings, Lighthouse Customer Program, Growth + Profitability Summit, and other industry events. Our sales, services, support, and customer success teams also provide invaluable direct feedback by walking alongside you every step of the way.

Inferred Data

Inferred data is discovered through trends in tickets or issues by products, across feature adoption, and value realization. Our team is consistently analyzing these trends to ensure we’re fixing and enhancing common requests and issues.

Indirect Data

Of course, there is always feedback that we discover through external sources. Peer reviews, industry reports, industry analysts, and even social media are always being monitored for indirect data that can help inform our product roadmap.

Our Approach to Roadmap Planning

  • 1. Collect Data and Input

    This step is all about the Voice of the Customer. We listen to and collect direct, inferred, and indirect data.

  • 2. Process Data and Input

    After gaining insights to the Voice of the Customer, we determine where the data belongs, what it means, and what the value of it is.

  • 3. Research and Prioritize Insights

    Next, we iteratively research and prioritize insights. We’ll conduct surveys, interviews, and even do ride-along’s as part of this prioritization.

  • 4. Test and Validate

    Of course, any kind of product innovation requires test and validation.

  • 5. Communicate

    Finally, we work to consistently update our customers about all the great features and enhancements available in the Vendavo product suite.