Pricing and Selling Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

Ever-changing market conditions, supply chain disruptions, channel diversification, and cost fluctuations demand business agility in wholesale distribution.

Modernize and digitize your pricing and selling processes with Vendavo to improve profitability, grow revenue, and maintain your position as a top distributor in the industry.

Wholesale Distributor Delivers Accurate Pricing at a National Scale

ABC Supply, a large wholesale distributor of roofing supplies and building products, delivers accurate and competitive pricing to contractors across America with the help of Vendavo.


of B2B buyers prefer using ecommerce
for ordering and payment.



YoY increase in shipping costs from 2022 to 2023 as global disruption continues to impact supply.


47 million

US workers quit their jobs during the great resignation, with wholesale distribution among the most impacted industries.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


of supply chain experts plan to invest in the resiliency of their supply chain by 2023


Digitization fundamentally changes how your business operates

We are deeply committed to understanding the complexities of the food & beverage industry so we can build stronger pricing, rebate, and selling solutions. For more than two decades, we’ve served leading manufacturers and distributors. We’ve built upon our experience to improve our products and our processes.

Food and beverage companies face multiple levels of complexity – pricing thousands of SKUs, keeping up with competitive prices, and governmental regulations – to name few. You need to find ways to control pricing, manage distributor and consumer incentives, and optimize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Vendavo empowers you to unify your pricing processes, quote better and faster, analyze your pricing data, and drive higher margins despite any disruption or changing market conditions.

Leading Solutions for Common Industry Challenges


  • Lack of advanced commercial pricing models to capture customer willingness to pay
  • Limited profit optimization
  • Lack of understanding of perceived customer segment value
  • Increasing margin pressure
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome


  • Growing competition with ecommerce and Amazon business disruption
  • Meeting new customer expectations for seamless B2B buying experiences
  • Limited digital commerce capabilities
  • Slow time to quote
  • Increasing pricing pressure and commoditization


  • Keeping pace with technology advancements
  • Building relationships directly with customers
  • Lack of value chain digitalization
  • Competing for market share with new and disruptive entrants
  • Meeting the demands of a changing customer base
  • Delivering a consistent and quality customer experience
  • Managing the increasing complexity of the supply chain
  • Limited visibility into profitability and performance

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