Margin Bridge Analyzer: Price Volume Mix Analysis

Complex price, volume, & mix analysis made simple.

Comprehensive PVM Analyses Across All of Your Business Dimensions

Margin Bridge Analyzer is a powerful, cloud-based commercial intelligence solution enabling you to accurately measure and monitor the business impact of complex variances in prices, volumes, product mix, and other dynamic market factors.

This powerful price volume mix analysis tool provides your finance, accounting, and management teams with impactful and easy-to-consume insights.  That empowers you to gain more value from your commercial excellence initiatives, while documenting and tracking realized benefits.

Product Mix Analysis

A product mix is the number of total products offered to customers by your business. This is a core part of your business model and is defined by four characteristics; width, length, depth and consistency. Product mix analysis is done when you want to launch a new product to ensure ongoing success for your brand.

Measure the Impact of your Pricing Strategy​

Margin Bridge Analyzer has been used successfully to measure the impact of pricing actions and initiatives for many Vendavo customers. By isolating and quantifying the impact of price on revenue and/or margin, and filtering or slicing your data by relevant geographies, dates, and business dimensions, you can measure the effectiveness of strategic pricing actions and your entire initiative.

Easily Build Custom Revenue and Margin Bridges

Margin Bridge Analyzer enables you to build and maintain unlimited, user-defined Price/Volume/Mix analyses through easy-to-use “clicks not code” configuration. You can build your own Price/Volume/Mix models that meet your organization’s unique needs for how you need to aggregate data, how you define “mix”, and how your users want to drill down through your analyses.

Scalable and Secure Product Mix Analysis Across Your Entire Enterprise​

With a modern cloud-based architecture that is both highly secure and extremely scalable, Margin Bridge Analyzer provides fast, powerful analysis on all your enterprise transactions in less time than it takes to get your coffee. No need to stretch spreadsheets beyond their limits, or risk exposing sensitive data with non-enterprise-grade home-grown tools.

Capabilities That Drive Profitability

Performance KPIs
  • Margin bridge change at any business level
  • Comprehensive business dimension analysis
  • Measure impact of pricing actions
  • Compare effects across business dimensions
  • Comparison visuals and KPI drill tables
Data Integration
  • Standard Vendavo data adapters
  • Data transformation and loading
  • Flexibility to upload structured data from external data sources (flat-file csv format)
  • Data enhancement and/or data aggregation service support available
Analyze & Compare Datasheets
  • Comparison of data sets across different sources
  • Enable upload and Price Volume Mix Analysis decomposition of different datasets and the combination of data from different data sources.
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Margin Percent Based PVM Model

Margin Bridge Analyzer supports margin percent-based models OOTB in addition to existing supported margin and revenue model types. Now your business has full flexibility to setup its own model through a click-not-code process and show relative margin changes for all decomposed effects.

Flexible Price Volume Mix Setup
  • Sophisticated price volume mix (PVM) analysis models
  • Custom business dimension effects
  • Support for multiple models and roles
  • Configurable use cases
  • Revenue / Margin Bridge visualization for variance and causality
Customize Model Definition
  • Define your own Price Volume Mix Model
  • Create and add custom effects based on your specific business and create multiple models to address your stakeholders’ specific needs for margin performance analysis
  • Transform your data into an easy-to-consume visualization of revenue or margin changes with granular breakdowns of underlying effects aligned with your business needs
Powerful Advanced Product Mix Analysis Insights
  • Enable Price Volume Mix analysis on any slice of the business
  • Flexible benchmarking allows the comparison of multiple business slices side-by-side
  • Identify and track under-performing business areas, provide outputs and additional performance metrics to understand the size and value of the problem or opportunity

Our Margin Bridge Analyzer Suite

Built to work with your specific expertise and inputs to quickly deliver actionable insights.

Our Solutions Are Just the Start

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A Few Margin Bridge Analyzer FAQs

How does margin bridge analyzer work as a price tool?

This powerful tool provides your finance, accounting, and management teams with impactful and easy-to-consume insights.  That empowers you to gain more value from your commercial excellence initiatives, while documenting and tracking realized benefits.

Can price optimization software be tailored to my organization?

Yes. We can build and maintain unlimited user-defined mix analyses through an easy to use platform that meets your organization’s unique needs for how you need to aggregate data. 

How is PVM calculated?

Know the sum of your revenue for the previous year, then take the quantity of products sold in the current year and divide it by the difference in each product’s price minus the average price you’ve calculated. You want to calculate the average profit made per product sold.

How to Calculate Margin Mix

When businesses sell more than one product, knowing what each product individually contributes to revenue is important. This is done by calculating the margin mix for the sum of products. 

To calculate margin mix you need the sales price and cost of each product, and from this information you work out the gross profit and gross margin earned from the sale of each individual product in both monetary and percentage terms.