Pricing and Selling Solutions for Chemical and Process Manufacturers

Changing market conditions, supply chain disruptions, resource reductions, and price volatility demand business agility within chemical businesses. Digitize and modernize your pricing and selling processes with Vendavo.

Whether you produce basic commodities, intermediates, or high-value fine chemicals, we’ll help you sell the products your customers need, while growing profits and revenue.

Specialty Chemicals Case Study

One of the world’s leading integrated energy companies achieved improved pricing models that illustrate customer and profitability impact of price changes, streamlined commercial workflows that are consistent and predictable, and reliable margins across products, customers, and business units.


of chemicals buyers would be willing to make sizable increases in their purchase volumes



operating improvement from 1% improvement in pricing



of B2B Chemical Buyers want to purchase online

McKinsey & Company


of chemical buyers would be willing to pay price premiums if all their needs were met


Embracing the Wave of Digitalization to Fundamentally Change Business Operations

At Vendavo, we’ve pioneered sophisticated pricing processes that support the growth of the largest and most complex manufacturers in the process and chemical industries. We provide the strongest possible pricing and selling solutions, from fine chemicals, to intermediates, to basic commodities. That’s because, for more than 20 years we’ve delivered industry knowledge, experience, and best practices in our solutions.

If you are focused on preserving the long-term market value of your unique products, you need to truly understand customer willingness to pay at a very granular level. If your product profitability is highly dependent on managing margins in spite of highly volatile input costs, you need an agile process to deploy tactical changes at market-appropriate speed, with measurable performance controls.

With Vendavo, you’ll unify your pricing processes, improve quote quality and speed, analyze your pricing data better, and drive higher margins despite disruption or changing market conditions.

Leading Solutions for Common Industry Challenges


  • Volatility in costs threatens product profitability in the short and long term
  • Dynamic changes in customer needs require dynamic pricing capabilities
  • Limited measures exist for understanding product, customer, and market profitability across the product lifecycle
  • Lack of understanding of perceived customer segment value
  • Your commercial processes struggle with getting the optimized, winning price in front of the customer quickly
  • Simplistic cost-plus pricing does not reflect demand-based differentiations
  • Workflow processes are arduous and do not provide the proper awareness of low or negative margin transactions
  • There’s a lot of complexity with regulations and rules need workflow, automation, and audit abilities
  • Buyer incentive programs have too many variations, are managed outside core systems, and are difficult to reconcile and validate
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome


  • Cumbersome commercial processes result in slow approvals and time to quote
  • Complex commercial relationships exist between partners across basic, intermediate, and specialty chemical markets
  • Chemicals are increasingly being sold on low touch commerce platforms, without sufficient granularity
  • Increasing transparency and volatility
  • Lack of relevant customer context for deal negotiation
  • Lack of single integrated view of customer profitability
  • Meeting new, more demanding customer expectations
  • Rapidly changing market expectations and regulatory environments
  • Increasing competitive price pressure


  • Understanding the impact of volatile input costs, supply chain disruption, and changing customer needs on the overall revenue and profit of the organization
  • Customers demand better experiences and consistency in offers despite multiple means of purchasing across all your channels to market including direct, eCommerce, and partners
  • Limited capability to preserve sustainable profitability of your business by matching customer willingness to pay with appropriate offers
  • Limited profitability and performance visibility at a granular level to drive specific improvements
  • Regulatory and trade risk uncertainties
  • Supply and demand disruptions happen faster than your ability to adjust your offers to your markets
  • Lack of integrated eCommerce and direct sales commercial process automation

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