Healthcare Products

Jump into the new age of expanding and sustaining profitability through channel delivery, appropriate incentives, and compliance risk alignment.

Business Criticality

Navigating strict government regulations while coordinating across providers and manufacturers requires a strategy that eliminates margin leakage and compliance risk.

Today, you’ve got to take a proactive approach to your value capture strategy by reducing inconsistencies and delivering fact actionable insights from price setting to price execution. Distributors in the healthcare industry must balance strong demand growth with increasing complexity in the value delivery chain to ensure sustainable profitability.

Vendavo is the market leader in working with healthcare distributors to modernize their quote-to-cash processes and accelerate digital commerce capabilities that deliver a superior customer experience with greater profitability.

3 Month

Payback Period

How Does Vendavo Unlock Growth + Profitability?

Unified Pricing Processes

Amend policies and adopt new initiatives to mature your value capture.

Identify and eliminate margin leakage across the entire range of healthcare products. Identify the spectrum of margin leakage across the waterfall to highlight areas for action.


Costs Added to the US Healthcare System

if generic pharmaceutical prices had remained constant from 2015 – 2018

Price Setting

Capture market share by leveraging value in every moment.

Create dynamic pricing models that are constantly updated to reflect current supply and demand, product lifecycle, and market dynamics of healthcare products. Quickly simulate pricing strategies then set prices and promotion programs based on statistical segmentation across customer types, product type, and more.


In Prices for Medical Devices

Pricing for medical devices is “…going in one direction only – down.”

Accurate Market-Relevant Prices

Stay ahead of pricing pressures, and price at the speed of the market.

Dynamically price based on updated market and cost data, then automate mass price changes across your products and customer agreements.


Value Unlocked

By pharmaceutical distributors by optimizing scale and efficiencies

Industry Challenges & Vendavo Outcomes


  • Value created by manufacturer and delivered to consumer/ customer is difficult to measure and translate to pricing guidance
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome
  • Proliferating regulatory requirements


  • Automated Intelligent Pricing
  • Price Optimization
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Centralized Price Management
  • Market Data Management
  • Transfer Price Management
  • List Price Management
  • Pricing Guidance
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Incentive Management
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  • Complex payor/provider/purchaser relationships
  • Increasing transparency, price pressure, and commoditization
  • Rapidly changing commercial and regulatory environments


  • Improved Win Rates
  • Fast Accurate Quotation
  • B2B Ecommerce
  • Product Availability
  • Guided Selling
  • Deal Profitability
  • Price Agreements
  • Product/Offering Configuration
    Automated Proposal Generation
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  • Preserve sustainable profitability for the business
  • Provide ongoing, appropriate transparency for all value chain partners
  • Demonstrate value created in the healthcare distribution business model


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ERP and CRM Integration
  • Margin Optimization
  • Deal Negotiation Insights
  • Price Volume Mix Analysis
  • Advanced Segmentation Modeling
  • Predictive Business Alerts
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Advanced Commercial Visualization
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Vendavo really took the time to learn the business and not just force an IT pricing system project on us.

Justin Eisenhart
Vice President of Finance

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