Pricing and Selling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Distribution

Volatile market conditions, manufacturers, raw materials, supply chain disruptions, contract changes, and regulatory risks are affecting pharmaceutical distribution companies and channels like yours. It is time to digitize and modernize your pricing and selling processes with Vendavo.

We’ll help you grow profits and revenue so you can keep providing healthcare and medications efficiently and reliably to providers, hospitals, and pharmacies.


costs added to the US healthcare system if generic pharmaceutical prices had remained constant from 2015-2018


15% to 50%

of all payer rebates exceed their expected rate of return

ZS Associates


of value unlocked by pharmaceutical distributors by optimizing scale and efficiencies


Digitize Your Business Processes

At Vendavo, we are dedicated to understanding the complexities of the pharmaceutical distribution sector so we can build the strongest possible pricing and selling solutions. We’ve served pharmaceutical distributors for more than 20 years and we’ve engrained that knowledge and experience into our products and process.

Whether you are addressing your buy-side or sell-side business needs, with Vendavo you’ll unify your pricing processes, analyze your pricing and sales data better, and drive higher margins despite any disruption or changing market conditions.

AmerisourceBergen Drives Continued Value Through Centralized Pricing with Vendavo

The winner of the 2020 Commercial Excellence award for Digital Transformation, AmerisourceBergen, is a major pharmaceutical distributor headquartered in the United States that serves markets globally. Pricing is a central consideration as the company continues to close acquisitions.

Leading Solutions for Common Industry Challenges


  • Pricing transparency and market competitiveness requires dynamic, agile formulary changes, and concise pricing responses
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome
  • Low understanding of customer’s perceived value of combination of products and related services
  • Value is difficult to measure and translate into pricing guidance
  • Proliferating regulatory requirements


  • Customer negotiated pricing conditions rely heavily on volume compliance and complex rebate programs
  • Complex payor/provider/purchaser relationships in value chain requires accuracy and consistency
  • Increasing transparency, price pressure, and commoditization accelerates revenue leakage
  • Rapidly changing commercial and regulatory environments require ability to model, track and adjust contractual conditions based on deal performance
  • Customer experiences are full of friction and often too manual


  • Ensure pricing effectiveness and commercial terms align with value delivered
  • Preserve sustainable profitability for the business in both inflationary & deflationary economic cycles
  • Provide ongoing, appropriate transparency for all value chain partners
  • Demonstrate value created in the healthcare distribution business model

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