Transportation & Logistics

Deliver maximum profit through a digitized view of supply and demand, so you can make the most impactful pricing decisions.

Business Criticality

Market changes and confusing customer accounts makes it difficult to offer fast and smart pricing.

To realize profit potential, you can’t rely on intuition and spreadsheets. Today, companies must digitize their quoting, booking, and contract agreements to make rate prices instantaneous, dynamic, and intelligent to keep up with both the market and evolving customer expectations along the value chain. Only then will you have the power you need to maximize your profits.

Vendavo is the market leader in working with Transportation and Logistics companies to modernize their commercial processes in order to deliver a superior customer experience with greater profitability. 


Price Lift


of Realized Benefit

How Does Vendavo Unlock Growth + Profitability?

Optimize Rate Tiers

Maintain market relevant prices by managing overhead and asset costs.

Rate optimization can be fluid as it is beholden to market changes. Schedule service offerings to match customer shipment needs with ideal rates that manage customer expectations and net profit.


Return on Sales

for Transportation and Logistics companies that embrace analytics.

Price Agreements

Understand your customers and their needs in relation to your business services with unified sales agreements. 

Set up ideal workflows to expedite orders and deliver customer specific rates based on data driven algorithmic guidance. 


5% Lift in EBIT

through automation and streamlined internal operations

B2B Digital Negotiations

Amend policies and adopt new initiatives to mature your value capture

Make every deal a profitable deal. Through segmented customer profiles you can provide precise pricing for every customer experience including those made through self-service channels that include the give & gets needed for direct sales.


Forecasted Decline

in revenue for US railways in 2020

Industry Challenges & Vendavo Outcomes


  • Historical data and cost-plus pricing does not reflect demand-based differentiations.
  • Value created by rail services is difficult to measure and translate to pricing guidance
  • Uncertainty in fuel cost and impact on profitability
  • Lack of advanced commercial pricing models
  • Limited pricing optimization for maximum profit
  • Lack understanding of perceived customer segment value


  • Automated Intelligent Pricing
  • Price Optimization
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Centralized Price Management
  • Market Data Management
  • Transfer Price Management
  • List Price Management
  • Pricing Guidance
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Incentive Management
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  • Complex railroad/shipper/ purchaser relationships
  • Rapidly changing commercial and regulatory environments
  • Customer expectations are becoming increasingly complex
  • Increasing competitive environment
  • Limited digital commerce capabilities
  • Lack of relevant customer context for negotiation
  • Lack single integrated view of customer


  • Improved Win Rates
  • Fast Accurate Quotation
  • B2B Ecommerce
  • Product Availability
  • Guided Selling
  • Deal Profitability
  • Price Agreements
  • Product/Offering Configuration
    Automated Proposal Generation
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  • Preserve sustainable profitability for the business in the midst of unprecedented market turmoil
  • Lack integrated data analytics and social supply chains to provide traceability and predictability
  • Lack of value chain digitalization
  • Supply and demand disruptions
  • Limited use of artificial intelligence for business process improvement
  • Need better profitability and performance visibility


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ERP and CRM Integration
  • Margin Optimization
  • Deal Negotiation Insights
  • Price Volume Mix Analysis
  • Advanced Segmentation Modeling
  • Predictive Business Alerts
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Advanced Commercial Visualization
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