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Why Partner with Vendavo?

We go beyond the software. It’s not just about technology. It’s also about our expert people and our proven, repeatable process.

David Anderson

VP Business Consulting, Vendavo

We’re Committed to Manufacturing and Distribution

Vendavo has helped hundreds of manufacturers and distributors unlock revenue, growth, and profitability. We’re not for everyone, but we’re built for the world’s most ambitious businesses. We are passionately focused on manufacturing and distribution, and there’s no industry pain point too challenging.

Profit and Revenue Experts

We hire the best of the best and pricing is in our DNA. Our team is passionate, dedicated, and committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our people have long tenures, rich education, and years of expertise. We’ve been in your shoes and we’ve championed global pricing transformations in the world’s most complex businesses.

We Make Complex Problems Simple to Solve

Manufacturers and distributors face uniquely complex challenges. Our simple, proven process provides a clear-as-day commercial excellence roadmap for your organization – and we’ll help you crawl, walk, then run on your way to success.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Are You Facing Any of These Common Challenges?

Business Complexity is Minimizing Efficiency and Profitability

If you’re anything like our customers, your business is complex and becoming more complex every day. You have a complex portfolio of products, services, channels, customers, and complex pricing agreements. You serve multiple regions and multiple buyers are involved in the buying process.

Complexity is compounding. But all is not lost. You need a scalable pricing solution that enables you to simplify and prioritize consistency.

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Overwhelmed Sales Teams

Are your sales teams getting burned out or overwhelmed? Are high turnover rates impacting your ability to meet your revenue goals? This is all too familiar for sales teams. A lack of training, tools, and inability to access the right information can cause major stress.

Empowering your sales teams with the right tools and insights will help you capitalize on sales momentum and give your sellers the ability to focus on adding more value for your customers.

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Trouble Understanding Revenue, Margins, and Profit

In today’s volatile market, the pressure is on to do more with less. Limited time, budget, and resources makes it hard to dedicate time to understanding when, how, and why revenue, margin, and profit are changing over time.

A centralized solution that controls and manages pricing and quoting will help you ensure you’re consistently gaining an understanding of your organization’s financial health.

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People, Process, and Technology Silos

When your people, processes, and technologies are siloed it can feel like everyone is running 100 miles a minute in different directions. This can result in a lack of confidence in pricing, redundant work efforts, and disparate data sources.

It’s time to lead cross-functional alignment and champion change in your organization. Success requires total alignment of people, processes, and technologies.

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Volatile Market Conditions are Causing Uncertainty

Change is the only constant. Market conditions are rapidly shifting. Economic factors, heighted competition, shifting internal business priorities, and other pressures are causing uncertainty and loss of control. Agility is the only way forward.

If you’re ready to future-proof your organization, Vendavo can help you control, measure, manage, and optimize your pricing processes.

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Current Solutions Are Not Sufficient

So, your current technology solutions just aren’t cutting it anymore? ERPs and CRMs serve an important purpose in business, but they’re too limiting to manage comprehensive pricing strategies.

Move your pricing strategy from archaic spreadsheets to Vendavo’s full scale pricing and selling solutions.

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The Value of Pricing is Not Understood

The truth is, it’s often difficult to justify the initial and ongoing costs of pricing transformation. Many B2B organizations just aren’t ready to prioritize transformation or invest in pricing technology.

Vendavo is here to help guide you through building a business case, gaining buy-in, accelerating time-to-value, and proving return on investment to your team.

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Customers Are Demanding More

Today’s B2B buyers expect the same easy, intuitive, seamless experiences in their professional lives as they have in their personal lives. Customer expectations are at an all-time high. They want more personalization, more tailored offerings, and deeper understanding.

Vendavo will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors, attitudes, and needs so you can deliver the right prices and better experiences.

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