Intelligent CPQ Software

Centrally manage pricing and deal guidance across your product portfolio.

Achieve 5x Greater Revenue Growth With CPQ Solutions

Intelligent CPQ is the configure-price-quote software that advances your enterprise toward commercial excellence by helping you coordinate, control, and streamline your quote-to-cash processes.

With Intelligent CPQ, now you can increase sales productivity and win rates while delivering an improved customer experience. Quote iterations are reduced, customer churn decreases, and win rates increase, elevating enterprise profitability.

Guided Selling with Intelligent CPQ

It’s the CPQ software that empowers all stakeholders with real-time information, and clear processes to quickly create accurate quotes. Enterprise enhancements include new pricing automation and quoting functionality.

Manage Complex Configurations

2D/3D and augmented reality configuration visualizations are embedded in the quoting experience, all the way through to proposal documents. Product and offering capability and pricing guidance take the guesswork out of quoting complicated product and service bundles. And we offer available expanded integration with SAP Variant Configuration.

Generate Dynamic Proposals

Give everyone easy access to approved language, brand documents and up-to-date specs, and create comprehensive proposals with brand consistency in minutes. Brilliantly simple, reimagined UX to boost productivity across the organization.

AI Price Optimization

AI suggests optimal pricing that’s beneficial for your company growth without damaging your customer retention. AI price optimization at every level ensures continuous profitability. 

Integrate with Existing CRM Systems

Vendavo offers expanded integration with SAP Variant Configuration. This seamless integration allows you to utilize all the relevant platforms without any delay in operations. 

Intelligent Negotiation

Intelligent CPQ enables time-bound negotiated pricing/discounts for product/customer combinations, supported by all of the commercial intelligence enabled by Vendavo’s Commercial Excellence portfolio.

Capabilities That Drive Profitability

Agile Commercial Processes
  • Query-based guided selling removes complexity in quotation workflows
  • Reduced quotation errors and omissions
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced selling complexity for all channels
Price Agreements
  • Capture complex, time-bound, negotiated pricing/discounts for high-value customers or buying groups
  • Broad high-level commercial agreements are then automatically applied during the quoting process for subsequent transactions and sent to ERP and billing systems for accurate order execution
Pricing Automation
  • Ensure accurate pricing is delivered to every quote, every time through multidimensional price lists and price administration capabilities
  • Easily access dynamic list pricing via Vendavo PricePoint, optimized pricing guidance via Vendavo Deal Price Guidance, and powerful deal desk capabilities through Vendavo EPS Deal Manager
Intelligent Negotiations
  • Automate, controls, and communicates complex pricing schemes and proposal types
  • Intelligent, optimized pricing delivered directly into sales users’ hands
  • Dynamic, rule-driven approval workflows to ensure profitable deal-making
Guided Workflows
  • Create intuitive guided workflows for sales reps and customers to follow as they move through the steps of solution configuration, pricing, cross-sell opportunities, and proposal generation
  • Faster onboarding of new hires, faster time to quote, and increased quote accuracy
Scalable Digital Commerce
  • Packaged CRM connectors for Salesforce (Sales Cloud and Community Cloud), Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Infor, and SAP Sales Cloud
    Integrations for SAP Sales Cloud, Variant Configuration, 2D/3D/AR Visualization, Avalara Tax
  • Extensible API and SDK integrations for additional 3rd party and home-grown applications

Our Intelligent CPQ Software Suite

Built to work with your specific expertise and inputs to quickly deliver actionable insights.

A Few CPQ Questions

What is CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote or CPQ is a business software platform designed to provide product options and prices with optimal accuracy.

When would I need CPQ software?

CPQ software is invaluable if you need to reduce quote iterations, decrease customer churn, increase win rates and elevate enterprise profitability. CPQ empowers you with real-time information so your pricing is optimized for your customers and your business. 

Will I need a dedicated team to manage CPQ?

No, our CPQ software is all about streamlining and automating your processes to reduce the need for manual support. While sales teams can gain valuable insights from pricing data and boost productivity with guided workflows, CPQ software ensures most of the data-related heavy lifting is automated. With automated pricing, quoting and proposal generation, a dedicated team to manage the intricacies of CPQ processes is no longer a necessity.