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ESG Commitment

At Vendavo, we know that business prosperity goes hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and strong corporate governance practices. 

Environmental Stewardship

We’re committed to sustainability, reducing emissions, conserving resources, and promoting eco-friendly solutions for a greener future. 

Social Responsibility

Our dedication extends to communities through education, diversity, inclusivity, and employee well-being, empowering positive change. 

Corporate Governance

We uphold strong governance with transparency, accountability, and ethical standards, benefiting all stakeholders. 

ESG Guide Planting Positive Seeds of Change

Planting seeds of positive change

At Vendavo, we believe in the power of Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) as a catalyst for meaningful change. Our ESG efforts mirror our foundational values: embracing innovative wisdom, upholding our commitments, and fostering a sense of community. Our commitment goes beyond the office walls—we actively contribute to our local and global communities, prioritize DE&I, and ensure our benefits are both supportive and fair. Our governance practices are rigorous, ensuring that our business decisions are ethical and accountable.  

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How Our Experts See It

At Vendavo, our commitment to ESG isn’t just a statement—it’s a guiding principle. We ensure that our actions align with our values and serve as a powerful catalyst for positive change.
Sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand at Vendavo. Our ESG initiatives are designed to reduce our environmental footprint while driving business success.
Vendavo’s dedication to ESG extends to ethical governance and transparency. We uphold the highest standards, benefitting all stakeholders as we innovate alongside leading companies.
Our purpose is to empower growth, foster innovation, and build prosperous communities. Vendavo’s ESG initiatives are a testament to our commitment to creating a better world.

Vendavo Code of Conduct

Acting with integrity and doing the right thing are driving forces behind Vendavo’s success. Vendavo is committed to conducting its business in an ethical manner – doing right by its employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, communities, and investors – and living our values:

  • Honor Our Commitments
  • Results Matter
  • Easy and Enjoyable
  • Innovative Wisdom
  • Celebration of Community

Vendavo ESG FAQ

ESG covers the range of principles, policies and values of the company related to Environmental, Social, and Governance. These are three key factors used to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a company’s operations and practices.  

At Vendavo, our ESG policy is a reflection of our core values: using innovative wisdom, honoring commitments, and celebrating community. We champion a diverse and inclusive culture, offering supportive, equitable benefits and opportunities. Our dedication extends to giving back, making meaningful contributions to communities both locally and globally, while actively reducing our environmental footprint. Through stringent governance, we ensure our business decisions are not only ethical but also responsible. This holistic approach underscores Vendavo’s commitment to not just doing well but doing good. 

Vendavo embraces a SaaS model, enhancing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact by utilizing AWS and Microsoft Azure data centers. This strategy aligns with our commitment to sustainability and allows us to benefit from eco-friendly practices. 

Vendavo has a cross-functional team that meets on a regular basis to evaluate new ways of reducing costs. We are consistently monitoring and looking for ways to cut down our carbon footprint, alongside significant efforts to recycle electronic waste, including laptops   

Our hybrid work policy reflects a thoughtful blend of employee well-being and environmental responsibility, reducing the need for travel and commuting. 

We use efficiently managed office spaces like WeWork and other collaborative spaces to optimize resource use and decrease waste, ensuring our operations are as green as they are efficient. Vendavo’s proactive approach underscores our dedication to a sustainable future. 

Vendavo’s ethos shapes our operations, emphasizing culture and values at our core. We’re dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, spearheaded by our DEI Taskforce focusing on enabling an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. 

Our global benefits and wellbeing programs reflect our commitment to employee health and happiness. We offer generous leave policies and company-wide recharge days, ensuring our team has ample opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy includes a program called VendavoGives, which provides employees with a set amount of volunteer hours to commit to organizations that matter to them.  

Vendavo’s global code of conduct is the cornerstone of our ethics, guiding employees to embody our values and make ethical business decisions. We maintain an anonymous hotline for reporting concerns, ensuring thorough review by senior leadership and transparency with our board of directors. Regular training in cybersecurity, data privacy, anti-harassment, anti-corruption, confidentiality, and diversity underlines and strengthens our commitment to robust governance practices. 

Vendavo conducts internal audits of our environmental, ethical and cybersecurity posture to ensure that compliance remains high across the business. Results are reported into an ESG Council and Security Council comprised of Senior Leadership and subject matter experts.  Results on key initiatives are reported to these Councils, the wider business through Business Unit Review, and to Vendavo’s Board of Directors and/or Audit Committee on a quarterly basis.