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Genpak Improves Customer Satisfaction with Systematic Rebates and Accruals

Discover how Genpak, a leading North American manufacturer of food packaging, leverages Vendavo to systematically and effectively accrue and pay out rebates.

Highlighted Business Outcomes

Faster Payments

Timely and consistent rebate and marketing payments for customers 

Better Reporting

Deeper and more transparent reporting and data  

Stronger Enablement

Important rebate, payment, and marketing visibility for sales 


Founded in 1969, Genpak is the top manufacturer of food packaging in North America. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with 19 locations in the U.S. and Canada, Genpak’s mission is to advance innovative packaging to enhance the human experience. For more than 5 decades, Genpak has remained an industry leader by staying on top of new food service trends, adapting to disruption, and prioritizing customer service. Genpak takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and has built long-term customer relationships with many beloved brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Brinker Chili’s, Raising Canes, Outback Steakhouse, and more. 

Fast Facts


Industry: Manufacturing – Food Packaging

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Vendavo Solutions:

Partnering to Advance Innovative Packaging and Enhance the Human Experience

Genpak, a leading North American manufacturer of food packaging, is dedicated to advancing innovative packaging to enhance the human experience. Vendavo helps Genpak successfully deliver on this mission and better serve their customers by providing a way to systematically and effectively accrue and pay out rebates. 

Prior to partnering with Vendavo, Genpak examined their end user revenue and trade spend and concluded that the systems and functions they were using were not providing accurate reporting or consistent data to the team. Genpak’s manual rebate management process made it challenging to consistently make payments on time. 

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We were able to integrate Vendavo with our existing database and AP systems to allow us to automatically accrue and pay out rebates. Customers are extremely satisfied with getting their payments on time and in a more consistent fashion.
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Efficient and Consistent Payments

Genpak relies on Vendavo Rebate & Channel Manager to efficiently process invoice deductions, maintain and track their trial balance, provide POD end-user related pricing, access sales and accounting reports, and automatically cut rebate and marketing checks to their customers.  

Vendavo easily integrated with Genpak’s existing database and AP systems and allows Genpak to systematically accrue and pay out rebates. Customers are much more satisfied with on-time and consistent payments. In addition, the sales team now has important visibility into end-user pricing, rebate and marketing accruals, payment history, and check details, so they can answer customer questions whether they are on the road or behind a desk. 

Cementing a Leadership Position in the Food Packaging Industry

To remain a leader in the food packaging industry, Genpak is always listening to their customers’ needs and innovating their packaging products accordingly. Regardless of their title, customer service is every employee’s responsibility at Genpak. They put the customer first every time. The food service industry is forever changing. Genpak’s innovations team is dedicated to solving current and future food packaging needs to ultimately enhance the human experience.   

Genpak Manufacturing

Vendavo has helped us achieve our mission statement and successfully serve our customers.

Ali Bren
Associate Director of Customer Service

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