Pricing and Selling Solutions for High Tech

Continual price erosion, competitive threats, and short product life cycles require state-of-the-art sales and pricing technology.

At Vendavo, we understand high tech industry challenges, and our pricing and selling solutions are built to help you overcome them.

$60 Billion High Tech Company Gained 100-Plus Basis Points of Margin

Discover how Dell improved efficiencies of its pricing processes, made pricing more effective, and gained 100-plus basis points of margin with Vendavo price optimization.

200-800 basis points

EBITDA improvement in one year for tech companies implementing value-based pricing


of tech CEOs plan to double down on new offerings to rebuild revenue streams


of global CEOs plan to sustain or increase tech spend

Leading Solutions for Common Industry Challenges


  • Historic cost-plus pricing does not reflect demand-based differentiations
  • Value created by the combination of products and related services is difficult to measure and translate to pricing guidance
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome
  • Proliferating regulatory requirements


  • Complex commercial relationships between OEMs, contract manufacturers, retailers, resellers, and distributors
  • Increasing transparency, price pressure, and commoditization
  • Rapidly changing market expectations and regulatory environments
  • Lack if relevant customer context for deal negotiation
  • Lack of single integrated view of customer


  • Preserve sustainable profitability
  • Limited ability to adjust to or meet changes in the market
  • Prepare to fully take advantage of increased tech role during global recovery
  • Lack of integrated ecommerce and direct sales commercial processes
  • Ineffective use of artificial intelligence

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