Rebate & Channel Manager

Proactively design and manage your pricing and rebate programs across channels, all in one place.

Increase revenue with strategically aligned rebate and channel programs

Reduce risk of overpayments or underpayments by tying to actual performance

Strengthen channel and sales relationships with collaborative portals and dashboards

Simplify the execution of your complex agreements with smarter rebate management

Gain confidence that your rebate and channel programs are growing your topline. Automate your entire rebate and channel process from deal creation to accruals, and payment generation to end-to-end reporting. You and your teams can calculate and analyze rebates, review margin, identify scenarios, and modify your programs to maximize effectiveness.

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Vendavo’s Unique Approach to Rebate and Channel Management

Discover Vendavo’s unique approach to rebate and channel management and learn about our suite of pricing, quoting, and channel services that help our customers achieve commercial excellence.

We’ve helped our customers drive significant revenue impacts like

Prevented rebate overpayment
Increased channel satisfaction
Avoided rebate penalties

How Does Rebate & Channel Manager Help Your Team?

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Vendavo offers comprehensive, integrated solutions for manufacturers and distributors, covering all aspects of price, quote, rebate, and profitability management.

From setting initial global and list prices, to efficiently managing on-invoice prices and off-invoice incentives like rebates, Vendavo is a leader with global enterprises. Those capabilities were further strengthened by the acquisition of Market Medium.

With Vendavo as your sole-source vendor, you gain a partner that addresses all your commercial excellence needs and requirements. Vendavo enables you to leverage automation throughout the entire process, streamlining deal creation, accruals, deductions, payment generation, reporting, and collaboration.

Unlike our competitors, who rely on partnerships to achieve similar functionality, we provide a unified solution for your pricing ecosystem.

While not extensive, we often see the following:

  • Rebates either directly to customer or to resellers
  • Pass thru rebates
  • Chargebacks
  • Ship and debits
  • Proof of sales
  • Contractual
  • Fees and Commission

Manufacturers rely on multiple vendors and suppliers to stock their products and sell them to consumers, monitoring each segment of it requires powerful and lightweight software to define a partner experience to drive multiple orders.

  • Define agreements that help boost sales and help preserve margins
  • Tracking promotional spend across channels and measure promotion effectiveness
  • Streamline deductions processing and prevent invalid deductions

The sense of rebates is shifting from marketing and pricing tactics to engagement and understanding strategy. It is essential to define distributor rebate agreements based on volume, value, growth of purchases, or sales of products from multiple locations.

  • Capture various types of rebates from your vendors
  • Identify new product introductions and rebates
  • Meet margin guidelines on sales by accurately calculating dead net costs
  • Pass-through promotions without revenue leakage to customers

Absolutely, and there are many benefits of Rebate and Channel Manager with accounts payable teams who can now:

  • Issue AP Payments – incorporate high-volume rebates and agreement stipulations
  • Manage deductions – understand the reason and validity of deductions, increase recovery rate, decrease time to solve disputes
  • Issue Credit Memos – notes attached to every invoice to keep discrepancies to a minimum
  • Schedule Automatic Payments – aligned with agreements, process hundreds of payments with one-click scheduling
  • Manage exceptions – define approval rules for exceptions, amounts, customers, account status, paid terms, and other custom attributes
  • Eliminate overpayments and dramatically reduce the time for payment reconciliations.
  • Implement shorter deduction resolution cycles to reduce the cost per transaction and shorten Days Deduction Outstanding (DDO).

At Vendavo, we have substantial experience delivering technology solutions for pricing and commercial process and we’ve supported SPA pricing processes for both manufacturers and distributors since the company began more than 20 years ago. Through this lens, we’ve assembled best practices for automating your SPA processes from initial negotiation to final accounting.