Rebate & Channel Manager

Manage channel rebates and incentives with ease from setup through accruals and payments.

Be confident that your rebate and channel programs are growing your revenue

Robust customer rebate management system means no more money on the table, reduction in revenue leakage, and an end to margin erosion.

Automate the entire rebate and channel process and minimize manual work and accidental errors. From deal creation to accruals to payment generation and end-to-end reporting. Vendavo’s Rebate & Channel Manager allows teams to analyze and track trade spend across products, customers, and regions to determine the effectiveness of every rebate. Eliminate overpayment to customers and dramatically reduce the time for payment reconciliations.

Millions of dollars of earned rebate revenue go unclaimed every year. Rebate & Channel Manager ensures your team can not only calculate rebates and review margin but simulate calculations and modify your programs to maximize effectiveness. Simplify how you manage your complex vendor programs that are often time-consuming and inaccurate where the smallest of miscalculations can erode margins.

Rebate Management Screen 3

Drive future rebate decisions and better deal negotiations:


invoice revenue increase


potential reduction in administrative effort / cost


transactions processed in half an hour

Simplify Complex Agreements and Create Smarter Rebates

Rebates are an incentive for performance, not a discount based on assumptions – easily create, execute, and track customer performance and rebates to drive revenue while ensuring consistent profit margins. User-friendly dashboards and portals allow your teams to analyze and track your trade spend across products, customers, and regions to determine the effectiveness of every rebate.

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Proactive Management

No more surprises – Real time tracking of data lets you know exactly how much money is moving in and out. Experiment with different pricing structures, discounts, incentives, and more to maximize profits from every deal.

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Collaborate with Partners

Increased visibility with internal and external coordination – Complete visibility across all the departments from sales to finance and insights into all claims and deductions. Customer and end-user portals enable you to share information and progress of deals and agreements with your partners.

Rebate Management Screen 3

Capabilities That Drive Profitability

Automate Processes
  • No more manual entries or long waits for reports with automated information gathering for faster and effortless Information.
  • Build programs and track payments across multi-channels with ease. Maximize your revenue and ensure that you are not losing to mis- or inefficient management.
Dashboards and Portals
  • Self-serve admin for program creation with options for templates or full customization
  • Sales, channel partners, and customers log into their own secure, easy-to-use portal to approve deals, monitor rebate revenue, and check scheduled payments.
Channel connect integration
  • Stay competitive in the massive, modern online landscape.
  • Easily connect marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, major carriers, and your teams on our channel without hassle.
Audit Trail
  • Complete and transparent audit trail helps to build greater trust and stronger relationships to increase conversions.
Analyze Ongoing Programs
  • With self-serve UI, you can create agreements in bulk with ease, automatically pre-populate relevant data to complete program setup. Automate the entire process from the deal creation to accruals to payment generation, minimize human errors. Set up multi-level workflows to approve deals and programs with an extensive audit trail of the same.
  • Reduce the number of communication bottlenecks with scalable workflow for collaboration, approvals, and eSignatures.
  • Configure rules for auto-settlement of claims and deductions based on reasons, thresholds, reference numbers, and other attributes.
  • Auto-match and resolve all trade deductions based on eligible promotion balances.
ERP integration
  • Plan, resource, manage, and integrate the most important parts of your business with your current ERP system for purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.
  • Departments effectively communicate and share information with the company quickly.
  • Reduce time to signature and physical paperwork through integrated eSignature options.

Rebate & Channel Manager FAQs

What are some common payment structures and types?

While not extensive, we often see the following:

  • Rebates either directly to customer or to resellers
  • Pass thru rebates
  • Chargebacks
  • Ship and debits
  • Proof of sales
  • Contractual
  • Fees and Commission
How does this apply to manufacturers?
  • Manufacturers rely on multiple vendors and suppliers to stock their products and sell them to consumers, monitoring each segment of it requires powerful and lightweight software to define a partner experience to drive multiple orders.
    • Define agreements that help boost sales and help preserve margins
    • Tracking promotional spend across channels and measure promotion effectiveness
    • Streamline deductions processing and prevent invalid deductions
How does this apply to distributors?
  • The sense of rebates is shifting from marketing and pricing tactics to engagement and understanding strategy. It is essential to define distributor rebate agreements based on volume, value, growth of purchases, or sales of products from multiple locations.
    • Capture various types of rebates from your vendors
    • Identify new product introductions and rebates
    • Meet margin guidelines on sales by accurately calculating dead net costs
    • Pass-through promotions without revenue leakage to customers
Is it possible to use this in my AP process?

Absolutely, and there are many benefits of Rebate and Channel Manager with accounts payable teams who can now:

    • Issue AP Payments – incorporate high-volume rebates and agreement stipulations
    • Manage deductions – understand the reason and validity of deductions, increase recovery rate, decrease time to solve disputes
    • Issue Credit Memos – notes attached to every invoice to keep discrepancies to a minimum
    • Schedule Automatic Payments – aligned with agreements, process hundreds of payments with one-click scheduling
    • Manage exceptions – define approval rules for exceptions, amounts, customers, account status, paid terms, and other custom attributes
    • Eliminate overpayments and dramatically reduce the time for payment reconciliations.
    • Implement shorter deduction resolution cycles to reduce the cost per transaction and shorten Days Deduction Outstanding (DDO).