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14 May
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The Evolution to Commercial Excellence 2.0 by Stephan Liozu

The experts have spoken. It will take 18 to 36 months to renew the demand levels and growth rates we experienced in 2019. There is a long road ahead. Many of the same exp...Read More

12 May
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Leveraging Analytics During a Downturn by Darius Fekete

The economic impact of COVID-19 brings back memories of recent crises. We find ourselves asking: When have we seen this before? How long will the downturn last? What is t...Read More

30 April
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All Things In Constant Flux: Dynamic Pricing by Israel Rodrigo

Uncertainty. Impact. Change. Speed. Risk. Loss.   Fear and anxiety have taken over the comfort zone of our personal lives. Throughout the pandemic, making any simple dec...Read More

27 April
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Introducing Vendavo Margin Bridge Analyzer by Matthias Mueller

To help companies accurately measure and monitor the business impact of complex changes in prices, volumes, product mix, and other dynamic market factors, Vendavo release...Read More

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