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14 May
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How to Leverage Digitalization by Stephan Liozu

Everything is going digital. Some describe digitalization as a tsunami — I call it a wave of several tsunamis hitting the B2B world.  Most businesses have heard the wa...Read More

11 April
Blog, Pricing

Powering Your Shift to the Cloud by Matthew Jenkins

Today’s customers are more connected and informed than ever before. To meet their rising expectations, you need customer experience-focused digital commerce that includ...Read More

11 March
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Spare Parts: The Hidden Profit Center by Kalle Aerikkala

Your spare parts business can deliver great profitability with margins higher than even a typical product line. This is especially true in an organization that deals in v...Read More

11 December
Blog, Pricing

The Underrated Pricing Power of the Pareto by Justin Bailey

As I look across the breadth of industries that Vendavo supports, I see a vast spectrum of pricing strategies and organizational priorities. Some companies are simply try...Read More

3 December
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Vendavo Opens New Office in Germany by Andreas Westling

To support our growing client based in the area with their commercial excellence project implementation needs, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Venda...Read More

29 November
Blog, Pricing

3 Drivers of the Right Roll Out Strategy by Justin Bailey

Large multi-site and multi-division businesses are often challenged with a very pragmatic question early in transformational planning: how should new capabilities and bus...Read More

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