Pricing and Selling Solutions for Packaging

As consumers have shifted their business to eCommerce, the demand for packaging products has grown rapidly. Erratic markets, supply chain disruptions, and fluctuating material costs threaten enterprise profitability and stability for organizations unprepared to capitalize on the growth.

Vendavo’s combination of packaging industry expertise and enterprise pricing and selling solutions can help your business take advantage of increased revenue opportunities while controlling volatility.

Food Packaging Manufacturer Improves Customer Satisfaction with Systematic Rebates and Accruals

Discover how Genpak, a leading North American manufacturer of food packaging, leverages Vendavo to systematically and effectively accrue and pay out rebates.


return on sales for Transportation and Logistics companies that embrace analytics

Globe Newswire


of commitments in the packaging industry in their offering of outcome-based or guaranteed pricing contracts by 2024

Bain & Company


of packaging manufacturers believe personalization has an extremely strong impact on their customers


Agility and Innovation are Key for Packaging Companies Facing Disruption

Changing consumer preferences, eCommerce, sustainability, FMCG, and retail-margin compression are already knocking at the door, waiting for you to make your move. Will you make the correct decisions to deliver margin and revenue growth effectively and efficiently, without errors? These changes are dynamic and holistic to your business, so you’ve got to ensure you’re right the first time.

With Vendavo you’ll unify your pricing processes, analyze your pricing and sales data better, and drive higher margins despite common disruptions and changing market conditions

Leading Solutions for Common Industry Challenges


  • Increased raw material costs due to regulatory changes
  • Sustainability mandate challenges
  • Competitive pricing pressures
  • Lack of innovative commercial pricing models
  • Lack understanding of perceived customer segment value
  • Managing pricing across complex contractual arrangements is cumbersome


  • Higher demand for personalization, convenience, and affordability are driving SKU proliferation to new heights
  • Limited digital commerce capabilities
  • Increasing transparency, price pressure
  • Lack of integrated ecommerce and direct sales commercial processes


  • Requirements for sustainability are rising at every step of the value chain—with rising activist scrutiny
  • Leading digital transformation while still in learning mode
  • Competing with marketplaces that erode bottom line
  • Efficiency and productivity across the supply chain

We needed a unique tool to show the true profitability of the company and we found out that Vendavo was the best tool to bring transparency and visibility on the profitability at any level of granularity in the company.

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