Profit Analyzer

Identify margin, price, and profit opportunities for any slice of your business.

The Fast Track To Margin Improvement

Profit Analyzer delivers powerful in-memory analytics helping you to continually identify profit trends and opportunities for improvement.

Profit Analyzer delivers powerful in-memory analytics helping you to continually identify profit trends and opportunities for improvement. Understand the true profitability of customers, products, market segments, or channels over time and find out what drives bad deals.

Identify root causes for margin leakage, decide on corrective action and quantify improvement opportunities. Explain how revenue or margin has changed from one period to the next in terms of price, volume, mix, win/loss, or cost and identify drivers for business change.

Empower your entire team to make pricing and analytics an organizational discipline.

Realize Value with Best Practices

Get step-by-step guidance on a set of analyses that will identify actionable price & margin opportunities, leveraging the Vendavo legacy from nearly 20 years of successful pricing projects. Modify our existing best practice templates or create your own, and immediately start to realize the value.

Analyze a Range of Business Metrics

Quickly see areas requiring attention, such as products with higher/lower margins, from any stage in a deal lifecycle, and improve price performance.

Visualize. Collaborate. Repeat.

Leverage special charts and reports to visualize your profit opportunities and contributing factors and share with team members for higher productivity.

Drive Business Change

Explain how revenue or margin changed from one period to the next in terms of the price, volume, mix, win/loss, cost and exchange rate effects.

Capabilities That Drive Profitability

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Analysis Workspaces

Workspaces allow users to create, manage, and maintain targeted analyses in support of the business team. Analyses can be shared with relevant stakeholders through dashboards without the involvement of the IT organization.

  • Charts and Tables – Multiple charts and tables allow you to slice and dice your data across
  • Customizable Filters – Set a filter to make an entire analysis specific to a particular region, business unit, or time period
  • Calculated Columns – Use data from existing columns to create new calculated values using your preferred formulas
  • Comparison Views – Compare data sets to identify trends, investigate the
  • Sharing – Collaborate with coworkers and key stakeholders by sharing your analysis through a URL link
  • Multiple Data Sources – Use multiple data sources including external data to create analyses
KPI Drill Tables

Key Performance Indicator Drill Tables allows users to access dozens of pricing measures across many business dimensions, drilling down into detail as needed.

  • Hierarchy Drill – Move through any business hierarchy, such as product or customer
  • Measures – Select from any available metric to create a display of those pertinent to the analysis
  • High/Low Threshold Indicators – Configurable high/low threshold indicators that quickly draw attention to trouble spots
Configurable Dashboards

Business users can discover root causes for margin leakage, review and quantify profit opportunities or monitor price compliance through dashboards that can be easily configured and packaged for their needs.

  • Workspace Linkage – Dashboards are created with Workspace charts and tables. They are automatically updated with any change made by the power users to the Workspace
  • Top 10 Lists – Quickly see which customers or forecast groups have the highest or lowest pocket margin contribution
  • Exporting – Export data, charts, and filters into Excel for continued analysis or sharing of information
  • Alerts – Users get notifications of business events, such as a sudden reduction in margin in a particular price authority or lane
  • Comparative Analysis – Perform comparative analyses using different data sets within the tool
Advanced Pricing Visualization

Pricing data often requires specialized metrics and visualizations, which are not typically found in general-purpose business intelligence tools.

  • Statistical Analyses – Coefficient of variation, regression, standard deviation, max & min
  • Revenue and Margin Causality – Looks at the relationship between price, volume, and mix across any slice of your business, allowing you to see the effects of previous price changes on revenue and margin
  • Classification – ABCD analysis of customers/products
  • Break-Even Analysis – Allows what-if simulation on different volumes needed to recover the effects of a price change

Our Solutions Are Just The Start

A perfectly executed software implementation doesn’t guarantee successful outcomes. With Vendavo Value Transformation Consulting, you’ll empower engagements and drive guaranteed outcomes, accelerating profitability.  We alone can offer this level of service – and the proven results our customers enjoy.


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