Profit Analyzer

Identify price and profit opportunities for any way you slice your business

Realize the value that has always been on the table

Drive business change through configurable analytics and visuals

Give stakeholders the information they need to make fast, strategic decisions

Empower greater revenue and profits with quantifiable improvements

By identifying and understanding the true profitability of customers, products, market segments, or channels over time, you can find and fix bad decisions and strengthen future sales opportunities. Make better pricing decisions by analyzing prices, revenue, margins, and profit, across everything that drives business change over time.

Profit Analyzer Screen Shot

We’ve helped our customers drive significant revenue impacts like

Increased price effectiveness
Minimized unwarranted price variations
Recovered value-added services

How Does Profit Analyzer Help Your Team?

Frequently Asked Questions

Profit Analyzer gives companies the tools to improve profitability and market share by identifying optimal prices and core pricing strategy.

Profit Analyzer identifies the reasons for margin leakage, decides on corrective action, and quantifies improvement opportunities. The solution also helps to explain how revenue or margin has changed from one period of time, to the next in terms of price, volume, mix, win/loss, or cost and source drivers for positive business change.

The solution analyzes data in real-time to determine an optimal pricing strategy that is immediately actionable. This, in turn, enables pricing visualization, which encourages successful pricing strategies.