Social Business Strategy and Sales Effectiveness

By Clay Wallin
September 3, 2013

Does your organization leverage customer data intelligently? Are your CRM and BI platforms compatible? Customer data is being analyzed in great detail today, but sales teams are still embracing old tactics, without proper intelligence at the Moment of Truth (MOT). The power of real time information can finally be harnessed and leveraged both in social business as well as in B2B sales.

As our organization begins to embrace content marketing, I can’t help but recognize the parallels between building a social business strategy and what is required for enterprises to execute on the next generation of B2B sales tools. According to one of my mentors in social business, Michael Brito (SVP Social Business Strategy at Edelman Digital): “A social business strategy helps evolve the thinking and preparedness of an organization…resulting in collaborative connections and shared value for all stakeholders (customers, partners, employees).” In his new book Your Brand, The Next Media Company he describes the three attributes of a social business strategy that include: Platforms, Process, and People. Mr. Brito goes on to discuss the power of real-time in social media, where organizations can actually engage with customers on content that is of interest at the moment.

Platforms, process, and people. Hmmmm. That sounds very much like the key elements of any Road Map required for B2B sales effectiveness. Winning organizations are putting intelligence in the hands of salespeople, and mobile holds the promise of delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

We don’t know what the future holds for B2B sales, but we do know that true sales effectiveness (read ‘profitable selling’) can be enabled today through real time information delivered in a useful format. Is your organization enabling good decision by your sales team at the MOT?

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    Clay Wallin

    Clay Wallin has 20 years of experience helping manufacturers with strategic technology best practices. Prior to Vendavo, Clay had a career spanning international technology sales, marketing and supply chain management for Hewlett-Packard Company, a midsize high tech manufacturer and multiple start up software businesses focused on Beverage Alcohol within Consumer Package Goods. @ClayWallin is a big believer in #socialbusiness. Clay has an MBA from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management in Marketing and a BA in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.