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8:30 Registration

A light breakfast will be available at this time

09:00 Opening address | Bruno Slosse, Vendavo CEO
10:00 Product & Customer Case Studies
10:30 Networking Break
11:00 Product Case Studies Continued…
12:00 Commercial Excellence Solutions for the Digitalization of B2B Commerce | Alex Hoff, VP Product Management
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Breakout Sessions Part 1
14:45 Breakout Sessions Part 2
15:30 Networking Break
16:00 Breakout Sessions Part 3
16:45 Closing address day 1

Midsummer Sunset Sail

All attendees are invited to join us for an exclusive midsummer sunset voyage through the Stockholm archipelago.

17:30 1st Bus departs for Teater Skeppet
17:45 2nd Bus departs for Teater Skeppet
18:00 3rd Bus departs for Teater Skeppet
18:30 Dinner Cruise
21:00 Return to Harbor
01:00 Teater Skeppet closes
08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Surprise Guest Keynote
10:00 Round Table Discussions Part One
10:30 Networking Break
11:00 Round Table Discussions Part Two
11:30 Round Table Discussions Part Three
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Workshop series

Attendees will choose their workshop focus from a list of topics before the event. Competing companies will not be placed in the same workshops, in order to ensure compliance.

15:00 Closing Remarks Day Two

Round Table DiscussionsChoose 3 topics you would like to attend on day two, for the opportunity to learn from your industry peers and our own Commercial Excellence Experts

Attack of the Tariffs – Mitigating Trade Uncertainties

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss the impact of trade barriers, governmental action, and the uncertainties raised around them as politic economies change.  Are there things you can do to reduce the risk – by either guiding those changes or looking for situations that might be relatively unaffected?

Driven by ValueChange the Conversation

The cost and disruption to day-to-day commercial operations is not trivial, so there has to be a compelling business case, and that case has to be delivered. Learn about why companies embark on the implementation of Commercial Excellence software solutions like CPQ or Price Optimization.

Industry 4.0 affecting pricing models
Industry 4.0 is the general term given to the digitalization trend mainly within the manufacturing industry. This trend has recently accelerated as communication technologies and infrastructures are becoming faster, more reliable and viable. How do you evaluate your maturity level in using data coming from the market for agile price and offering adjustments?

Helping Sales to leverage Pricing for additional competitiveness and profit

In what ways Pricing can become a true lever for improved Sales performance. Potential benefits may be increased competitiveness and increased profit? What is the role Pricing can, and perhaps should, take in this?

Mega Trends affecting Commercial Excellence: Implications for Pricing Strategies

Businesses are awakening to a new era of B2B Digital commerce. Key Mega Trends are well documented and their consequences for sales process, marketing, product development and digital commerce seem to be placed at the forefront of many strategic change decisions- apart from Pricing strategies and tactics.  How do you close this gap to realise true success in Commercial Excellence?

Leap of faith or controlled outcomes? – Transitioning to service-based pricing models

Whether you aim to avoid commoditization, improve customer relationships, or create sustainable revenue growth, servitization is a manufacturing trend you cannot avoid. Equip yourself with the right compass and map your path towards servitization!

WorkshopsChoose 1 of 6 different, interactive workshops led by Vendavo’s Commercial Excellence Experts, and receive personal guidance on industry best practices for your challenges

How to Master YOUR Expedition after ‘Go-Live’

Interactive workshop to develop and refine your Change Management action plan for post solution ‘Go-Live’ project phase:

  • Exchange experience and learn from others
  • Work in small groups on successfully applied Change Management tools + examples
  • Prepare an action plan for your pricing initiative post Go-Live

Price War Gaming

Don’t make hasty, knee-jerk reactions in the heat of battle! In this session participants will experience a real-time strategic business simulation in competitive test environments. This workshop will enable you to formulate and test pricing strategies during price wars.

Developing an Action Plan for Commercial Excellence 

Pricing Excellence is a noble pursuit, but if it isn’t part of a larger ‘Commercial Excellence’ it won’t fully realize it’s potential.  Aspects of Commercial Excellence include:

  • Customer Insights
  • Product / Service Offerings
  • Pricing Excellence
  • Sales & Channel Management
  • Analytics

Value based and market driven pricing

To implement value-based market driven pricing several steps and aspects need to be considered. In this workshop we will familiarize ourselves with key concepts such as:

  • Value based pricing concept in different industries
  • Market price collection and usage
  • Deployment of new pricing strategy – role of marketing support
  • Follow up and continuous improvement

Pricing Governance – Driving performance and following up on cross-border risks

In this interactive and hands-on Workshop session, we will dive into two main areas of Pricing Governance:

  • What makes for successful Pricing Governance? – A discussion on how you can implement Pricing Governance to drive performance
  • How do you manage cross-border risks? –  A case study on how to detect and manage risks in market pricing data

How to apply AI in my organization

In this workshop, we’ll discuss what AI and ML mean in practical business terms, and why businesses should care.  We will examine pragmatic applications of currently available AI methodologies, and then review typical benefit ranges.


There’s still time to join our industry experts for two days of collaboration, case studies and commercial excellence