Manufacturing Pricing Excellence

Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm

Creating Value that Counts

Vendavo is a proud sponsor of the Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Forum and is looking forward to sharing information on how to optimize the power of pricing through value based pricing, recruiting pricing professionals, bridging the gap with Sales, learning how to communicate pricing internally and to customers, and how digitalization impacts pricing.

Vendavo Team at the Conference

Here are the faces you’ll meet that are geaking out about all things pricing at the forum this year. 

Lehrasib Ali
Lehrasib Ali
Principal Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, Lehrasib implements Vendavo’s Pricing Solutions for clients in various industries and helps them define better pricing strategies as well as improve revenues & margins.

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Adam Baker
Adam Baker
Vice President Sales

Adam Baker is the Vice President of Sales at Vendavo and has a history of building and leading high performance, global SaaS sales organizations. Adam has founded, scaled, and exited two SaaS companies as CEO. He has also served as a board member for 7 different high growth software companies.

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Kalle Aerikkala
Business Consultant

Experienced Pricing professional with a demonstrated history of working with different industries. Skilled in Product Lifecycle Management, Predictive Maintenance. Msc focused in Maintenance Engineering from Tampere University of Technology.

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Shawn Ehmann
Shawn Ehmann
Vice President Sales

Shawn has over 23 years’ experience in directing digital transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Passionate about Commercial Excellence having lead practices across many institutions including consultancies such as Deloitte, a visiting professor at EADA Business School Barcelona for global top-30 master’s program, and successful in founding a profitable healthcare start-up. At Vendavo, Shawn is responsible for strategic assessment and execution for customers success, with emphasis on continuous engagement for customer value realization.

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Catch Up with Vendavo in Stockholm

There are a few ways to engage with Vendavo experts at the forum. We’ll be hosting a keynote session, idea blitz table, and complimentary dinner. Plus, you can come visit us in the exhibition hall or schedule a demo in advance!

Keynote – September 14th

Commercial Excellence: Organizational Structure and Business Excellence

True commercial excellence relies on cross-departmental collaboration and alignment. But how can pricing leaders
steer the ship? We’ll unpack how you can align your people, processes, and technologies to unlock more business
value, at any point of the business cycle.

  •  What commercial excellence is, why it matters, and a framework for assessing commercial excellence in
    your organization
  • How to demonstrate the value of pricing to your c-suite and other departments
  • How to align your people, processes, and technologies to unlock higher commercial excellence.

Idea Blitz – September 14th

Table B: Assessing Commercial Excellence in Your Organization

Your commercial excellence journey begins with assessing your current state. Join this Idea Blitz to discover:

  • Where does your organization fall on The Commercial Excellence Maturity Model?
  • How to improve key business process capabilities that make up your Middle Office
  • How to work with your customer accounts, products and services, pricing, sales channel, analytics, and process integration?

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Networking Dinner

While presentations, blitz tables, and cocktail hours are sure to drive value and provide actionable insights, some of the most eye-opening conversations take place while sharing a meal. Save your dinner spot with us at Fem Små Hus and come hungry!