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Vendavo Coffee Talk

Caffeinate your commercial excellence with AI (and free coffee..!)

Coffee Talk

Vendavo Coffee Talk

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Join Vendavo solution experts as they demonstrate how Vendavo implements technology in concert with people, process, and data to surpass enterprise profitability targets. All over a great cup of coffee.  

See Vendavo® Rebate Manager in action

You may have heard the news that Vendavo enhanced the best-in-class pricing solutions with the world-class rebate management functionality of Market Medium. It’s just like adding frothed milk to your espresso for the perfect latte.

Join us for a virtual Coffee Talk event, as we demonstrate how Vendavo Rebate Manager provides your channel management teams with the tools and insights to grow revenue and profit. At the same time, enjoy some coffee on us.

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See Vendavo® Sales Optimizer in action

Like every other enterprise, you probably have the challenge of recommending to the customer the right product at the price at the right time. Join us for coffee and conversation to see Vendavo’s solution in action.

We will discuss and demo our SaaS sales optimization solution that extracts insights and value from your available data by using AI and Machine Learning algorithms tuned for B2B commerce. Completely configurable, no coding or data scientists needed.

Join us, and see how sales optimizer makes the pricing and selling process so much easier for you !

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See Vendavo® Margin Bridge Analyzer in action

A master barista makes the complex look easy.  With Margin Bridge Analyzer, you’ll do the same, as you automate ‘real-time’ value capture tracking across complex price, sales volume, product mix, and other dynamic market factors like currency fluctuations.

Join us for a virtual Coffee Talk event, as we demonstrate how this powerful price-volume-mix analysis tool provides your finance, accounting, and management teams with impactful and easy-to-consume insights. At the same time, enjoy some coffee or a gift card on us.

Discover how Margin Bridge Analyzer can make sophisticated analytics almost as easy as hitting the “brew” button.

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See Vendavo® Pricepoint in Action

Managing pricing across catalogs of products, regions, countries, channels, and customers to ensure you deliver the right price is hard. Vendavo Pricepoint is your brew button.

See how is a cloud-based solution enables you to centralize pricing in your organization and for your pricing teams.

  • Set, manage, and share pricing strategies across teams
  • Flexible pricing logic, configurable rules, and calculations
  • Scale across your organization
  • Ensure that the right price is always delivered, no matter the context.

See the demo on November 16th, 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 5 PM CET

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See Vendavo® Deal Price Optimizer in action

It’s the smoothest, most profitable blend imaginable: Deal Price Optimizer combines advanced AI with expert human intelligence to deliver optimal pricing intelligence for your enterprise.

Join us for this virtual Coffee Talk, where we’ll demonstrate how it optimizes win rates, helps you hit enterprise profitability targets, and improves customer experiences with pricing guidance enabled by our patented Vendavo Power & Risk™ algorithm.

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