A headshot style photo of Ben Larkin, Customer Success Manager at Vendavo

Ben Larkin

Customer Success Manager

Fostering strong customer relationships and driving their success

For Ben Larkin, the privilege of being part of our customers’ journey toward success, the excitement of problem-solving, and the satisfaction of witnessing tangible results make this role not just a job, but a deeply fulfilling endeavor. As a Customer Success Manager at Vendavo, his passion for pricing and the customers we serve is driven by the profound impact that effective pricing strategies can have on businesses and their bottom lines. Pricing is not just about numbers; it’s a strategic lever that can shape a company’s profitability, market positioning, and overall success. This passion is further fueled by the transformative role that customer success plays in realizing these benefits. Throughout his career at Vendavo, one of the most impactful lessons he’s learned is the undeniable significance of empathy in fostering strong customer relationships and driving their success. While technical expertise, strategic thinking, and effective communication are crucial, empathy forms the bedrock upon which these skills truly flourish.