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Improve Sales Intelligence

With price optimization, dynamic pricing + pricing analytics that accelerate sales approval.

Sending the First Quote Can Make All the Difference

It’s increasingly vital to define and control the customer experience to meet rising demands for immediacy. And that’s where sales intelligence comes in.

The B2B buyer is tech-savvy… and impatient.  So it’s up to your quoting process to communicate value quickly, exactly the way they want it. But manual, spreadsheet-driven workflows can’t deliver winning quotes at the speed a digital marketplace demands.



of Millennials

are involved in their firms’ B2B purchase decisions.

What are the Challenges Facing Intelligent Selling?

Challenge: Slow Pricing for Effective Quoting

Value-based pricing is difficult without dynamic capabilities.

  • Market conditions are difficult to track
  • No management of customer-specific
  • Limited competitive price understanding

Challenge: Growing Sales Friction

Many enterprises are challenged by disconnected silos in their business processes.

  • Friction & inaccuracy in the sales process
  • Too much time spent on non-customer activities
  • Not automated: quotes and approvals take far too long, resulting in lost deals

Challenge: Lack of Customer Insights

The sales team needs context for effective negotiations.

  • Limited understanding of customer buying behavior
  • Lack of insights on how customers perceive value
  • Can’t deliver customer experience
What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence? It’s the technology and software designed to enable smarter and more efficient sales strategies. Aimed at boosting profitability for B2B businesses, sales intelligence software empowers sales and marketing professionals on your team to make the best possible use of data.

With sales intelligence solutions from Vendavo, you can explore the full potential of existing data, turning information into actionable insights that make a real difference to your selling capabilities as it reveals vital behaviors of both new and existing customers.  The result?  Improved sales and retention rates.

Why is Sales Intelligence Important?

Sales intelligence helps your business get ahead – and stay there. 

Customer retention is vital to B2B companies. Practicing good sales intelligence can make all the difference in improving retention rates, while attracting new customers and boosting average order values.

Sales intelligence software makes it possible for companies to analyze the specific data that matters most to them. With solutions from Vendavo, your pricing and sales teams are fully equipped with everything they need to gain competitive advantage and optimize outcomes.

The Vendavo Solution

Maximize sales intelligence with solutions from Vendavo.

In a world where buyer preferences are changing, and digital commerce expectations are rising, many companies find their quote-to-cash processes hamstrung by manual, spreadsheet-driven processes.

With sales intelligence solutions from Vendavo, you can increase your sales effectiveness and optimize your profit with every quote.

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Quote Time Reduction


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Sales Intelligence Products That Meet the Need for Speed

Our profit and sales intelligence optimization solutions empower B2B organizations with real-time, data-based insights that help them meet buyers’ demands for immediate and accurate pricing.

The People

Vendavo experts are committed to helping you achieve your profitability goals by overcoming digital transformation challenges to ensure optimal value realization. Get expert guidance before, during, and after go-live to achieve your desired outcome.

The Process

Vendavo tailors your growth + profitability plan according to your desired outcomes. From rapid value assessments in the early stages of your decision process to continuous engagement for value optimization, we’re your proven resource for bottom-line results.