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Your bottom line depends on smart, data-driven
business decisions. Vendavo’s Guided Selling
solutions are the helping hand you need. 

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For Big Pricing Wins

The right software solutions make all the difference in the guided selling process. Vendavo offers guided selling software products to help your company see the success it needs:

Intelligent CPQ
Configure, Price, Quote

Quote complex products faster with intelligent configure price quote software. This helps you shorten the sales cycle, turn new sales reps into experts, and easily push pricing changes to the entire organization so you can increase sales productivity and win rates while delivering an improved customer experience. – Learn More 


Vendavo Pricepoint
Manage Global Prices

Execute straightforward, scalable price management across your organization. Improve pricing agility to stay head of changing market dynamics, increase revenue and margin with future-proof technology and expert guidance, and realize value in less than 10 weeks with rapid implementation. – Learn More 


Rebate & Channel Manager
Manage Rebates and Incentives

Proactively design and manage pricing and rebates programs across channels, all in one place. Increase revenue with strategically aligned rebate and channel programs, reduce risk of over- or underpayments by tying to actual performance, and strengthen channel and sales relationships with collaborative portals and dashboards. – Learn More

Vendavo Sales Optimizer
AI-Powered Cross-Sell Recommendations

Maximize sales opportunities with AI-powered cross-sell recommendations. Close higher-value deals with existing customers, utilize tools to improve sales team effectiveness, and deliver tailored cross-sell recommendations, all to increase basket size by providing highly personalized recommendations. – Learn More

Deal Price Optimizer
Optimizes Prices

Price optimization software to help you realize greater profitability, gain a competitive edge, and win more deals. Maximize sales volume and profits by targeting customers’ willingness to pay, quickly react to market changes by competitively offering goods and services, and enhance pricing guidance with your business expertise. – Learn More

Guided Selling Examples

Guided selling requires data and strategy to be as effective as possible. Here’s how to get the most from your guided selling process:

Automated playbooks

Automation helps companies free up time from their sales team, improve outcomes, and offer buyers more reliable, responsive experiences.

Customer insights and visibility

Visible data from throughout the sales pipeline ensures your team members can act on data in real-time, plus leverage customer insights quickly and efficiently.

Real-time responses

Guided selling enables your company to be adaptable and dynamic. Using your data ensures you can act in real time and increase your capabilities.

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Guided Selling for Leading Organizations

You don’t need to tackle guided selling on your own. Reach out to a Vendavo expert for recommendations to boost your bottom line.

Fewer customers

B2B businesses have fewer customers than their B2C counterparts.

Optimized sales process

B2B brands need to ensure that every step of the sales process is fully optimized and stress-free for their customers.

Leverage data

Use data-driven guided selling to enhance the customer experience, optimize the journey, and boost conversions, repeat sales, and brand loyalty.

How Guided Selling Works

Guided selling optimizes your B2B selling process by combining data, analytics, and greater sales visibility for dynamic decision making.

Guided selling enables brands to offer a step-by-step buying process for customers, but uses data and improved visibility to enhance decision-making. This results in fewer process hiccups, greater customer satisfaction, more repeat purchases, and boosted brand loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guided selling gives buyers a helping hand as they navigate the buying process by providing all the information and buyers need to help them make the right decision. It’s usually part of a broader strategy aiming to provide vital information to accelerate sales and facilitate better-informed decisions.  

Guided selling works by leveraging the power of data to provide a better experience for every buyer. Companies can make full use of their existing insights to optimize the entire customer journey and ensure that they’re always meeting the needs of their customers.  

The key benefits of guided selling are boosted confidence in sales, fully optimized sales processes, reduced stress for customers, data-driven sales processes, optimized customer journeys, boosted conversion rates, higher average values of orders, and increased frequency of orders. In-house, companies also see improved training tactics for teams, closed gaps in employees’ knowledge, and enhanced engagement from teammates. 

Yes, flexibility is important. When done well, guided selling enables a company to be readily adaptable and incredibly dynamic, ensuring it can respond quickly to fluctuations at a moment’s notice. It relies on real-time responses to ensure its success.  

The data used in guided selling comes from a company’s pipeline. The process relies on accurate data, and the visibility of this data is important. Companies looking to make the most of guided selling need to champion visibility, and provide teams with quick and easy access to key metrics gathered from the whole pipeline. This allows companies to act on data in real-time and leverage customer insights quickly and efficiently.