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Realize the full potential of your business models via sales analytics + digital transformation.

Do You Know the Impact of Your Strategies?

The ability to leverage insights into profitable commercial actions will decide who wins – and loses.

It’s critical to know how your strategies affect revenue generation and growth.  But many enterprises are hamstrung by incomplete, disconnected data silos across revenue-generating processes.

Only 1/3

of companies

can accurately measure their profit margin via sales analytics

What Are the Challenges?

Challenge: Limited Margin Optimization

Understanding margin drivers has become increasingly complex.

  • Lack in visibility into detailed margin per transaction
  • Unable to model deal-line profitability
  • Can’t explain changes in revenue or margins due to price, volume, or mix effects

Challenge: Lack of Customer Insights

Understanding B2B customers has become paramount in a digital economy.

  • Limited understanding of customer buying behavior
  • Lack insights into how consumers perceive value of market offerings
  • Can only differentiate market offering on price or product, instead of customer experience

Challenge: Identifiable ROI

Difficulty in pinpointing ROI through profit optimization projects.

  • Limited measurement of pricing strategy impact
  • Cannot run value impact analysis across commercial technology implementations 
  • Need a system that assesses, strategizes, and optimizes for desired outcomes. 

The Vendavo Solution

Compare analysis across product lines, sales organizations, and business units to gain insights for actionable goals

Your business model is unique and value-driven, but within a changing business environment?  Optimizing your growth + profitability through analytics has become vital to business success.

So Vendavo provides actionable insights into exactly what’s driving changes in your revenues, margins, and customer behaviors, ensuring you can track the ROI of your digital transformation.


Revenue Lift


in average ROI


Improvement in customer satisfaction

Get Comprehensive Analysis Of All Business Dimensions

Our profit and sales optimization solutions empower B2B organizations with real-time, data-based insights that help them unlock their growth + profitability.

The People

Vendavo experts are committed to helping you achieve your profitability goals by overcoming digital transformation challenges to ensure optimal value realization. Get expert guidance before, during, and after go-live to achieve your desired outcome.

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The Process

Vendavo tailors your growth + profitability plan according to your desired outcomes. From rapid value assessments in the early stages of your decision process to continuous engagement for value optimization, we’re your proven resource for bottom-line results.