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Rebate Management Software

An effective rebate management program involves the right combination of software and strategy. Vendavo has the solution.

Rebate & Channel Management Software for Global Enterprises

Rebate Management Software Solutions

Vendavo is a dominant solution for both Vendor and Customer rebate agreements and payments. We offer many rebate management solutions from incentive agreements to settlements.

Incentive Agreements

Simplify the complexity of rebate agreements and enable customers and partners to finalize the best deals

Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs)

Handles claims, billbacks, chargebacks, ship and debit, and others that empower your channel to maximize marginLearn More

Ship & Debit

A B2B discount from a manufacturer on the products the distributors sell after a sale is madeLearn More

Calculation Engine

Base calculations on expressions or formulas, a calculation engine capable of processing large volumes of data, and a simulation engine that shows promotion potentials. 

Claims & Deductions Management

Centralized claims management with ability to bring in deductions.

Rebate Payments

Payment reconciliation with your customers and distributors and automate generation of payments based on defined periods

Trade Promotion Management

The ability to plan, manage, and execute phases of collaborative promotional activitiesLearn More  

Margin and What-if Analysis

Analyze the margin impact, authorize the requests, and design and analyze incentives on projected accrual

Channel Collaboration

Enable collaboration and negotiations between your sales team and your customers/partners to finalize the terms of the agreementLearn More


Generate settlement transactions from a claim into Accounts Receivables or Payables

How does Vendavo Rebate Management Work?

Product Information

We automate your entire rebate and channel process from deal creation to accruals, and payment generation to end-to-end reporting. You and your teams can calculate and analyze rebates, review margin, identify scenarios, and modify your programs to maximize effectiveness.

Technical Information

There’s financial data, including master, transactional, and accounts receivable data and pricing details via APIs that are then used in Vendavo’s rebate management tool for approvals, calculations, deductions/claims/billing, settlements, accruals, collaboration, and remittances and documentation the either back to ERP as necessitated or data provided to the distributor or customer. 

Payment Information

We create, manage, and provide payments for your channel incentive programs for your customers and/or supplier partners.

We’re Here to Help

You don’t have to find the right rebate management software alone. Explore the frequently asked questions below or reach out to a Vendavo expert to learn more about the best solutions for your unique business.

What is rebate management?

Rebate management is the program that’s created to efficiently manage rebates. Rebates allow sellers to communicate to customers how they can receive the lowest price, but the burden of realizing the lowest price falls to the customer. The rebate is only earned after a specific outcome is reached

How does rebate management work?

Rebate management is the process of recording agreements, tracking those purchases and sales based on agreements, and managing accruals and deductions against claims to pay on time.

What are the key benefits of rebate management?

An effective rebate management program boosts customer loyalty, drives desired customer behavior, incentivizes product mix, enables you to leverage vendor rebate programs, drives growth, creates direct incentives, helps you manage prices more efficiently, enforces volume commitments, enables you to personalize prices, and helps you control inventory.  

What are the types of rebates?

There are many types of rebates and they fall into two general categories, incentive rebates and channel management rebates. Rebate types include volume rebates, growth rebates, retention rebates, mix rebates, ship and debit rebates, indirect customer rebates, and price masking rebates.  

How do you create an effective rebate management program?

First, define your rebate strategy, then create rebate templates based on incentives. Align your incentive complexity and incent value, and finally automate as many of your processes as possible.  

What are some of the challenges with rebates and incentives?

There are many challenging aspects associated with rebates and incentives. The business challenges with rebates include administrative effort to properly track net revenue and costs, complexity in compliance to revenue accounting rules, tracking effectiveness and measurement of rebate program performance, risk associated with compliance, risk associated with overpayments, and risk associated with mistakes.

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