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Improve your sales effectiveness with more precision via guided selling + automated approval solutions.

Quote Speed Solutions to Meet Your Customers’ Rising Expectations

Today’s enterprise sales teams are faced with growing product complexity, declining margins, rising competitive pressures, and new buyer expectations.

Buyer preferences are changing, as they expect real-time, eCommerce-style responsiveness.  So many companies are finding their quote-to-cash processes hamstrung by manual, spreadsheet-driven processes.


of B2B Buyers

say their customer experience expectations rose


The sales team needs context for effective negotiations.

  • Limited understanding of customer buying behavior
  • Lack of insights on how customers perceive value
  • Can’t deliver customer experience


Many enterprises are challenged by disconnected silos in their business processes.

  • Friction & inaccuracy in the sales process
  • Too much time spent on non-customer activities
  • Not automated: quotes and approvals take far too long, resulting in lost deals

The Vendavo Solution

Maximize sales effectiveness with fast quoting & intelligent selling solutions from Vendavo.

In a world where buyer preferences are rapidly changing, you have to be just as agile and accurate in meeting those demands.

With intelligent selling and quoting solutions from Vendavo, you’ll be able to provide quick and accurate quotes that improve customer experience, increase your sales effectiveness, and optimize your profit.

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Products Designed to Accelerate Quote Speed & Selling

Our sales effectiveness solutions empower your organization with real-time, data-based insights that help you provide the winning quote in negotiations.