Vendavo Pricepoint

Dynamic pricing that powers the shift to digital commerce.

Strategic Price Management Across Your Entire Business.

Vendavo Pricepoint is a cloud-based enterprise software solution that enables organizations to bring together all the relevant pricing-related information across their business in one secure place.

Pricing teams set and manage pricing strategies in the form of user-configurable rules and calculations. This flexible pricing logic can then scale across their catalogs of products, regions, countries, channels, and customers to ensure that the price is always right, no matter the context.

Dynamic Pricing With Competitive Intelligence

Dynamic, real-time price optimization driven by local market conditions, competitive intelligence and cross-border parameters.

Machine-Driven Pricing Analytics

Make fast, accurate pricing decisions with customizable dashboard analytics driven by advanced machine-learning technology. Optimal profitability is literally at your fingertips.

Ready-2-Go Rapid Implementation

Velocity-to-profit has never been faster. Vendavo Pricepoint features accelerated implementation methodology, including activation in 2 HOURS; industry best practice configuration in 2 WEEKS; and only 2 MONTHS to full integration with ERP and CRM systems.

Deal Price Management​

Enhanced digital commerce applications through the support of complex business relationships. Support ecommerce scenarios with formula-based pricing, parallel price lists, and tiered pricing support.

Capabilities That Drive Profitability

Strategic & Local Market Pricing
  • Model the impact of various pricing scenarios to make the best decision possible
  • Determine optimal target pricing across unique customer segments and every deal
  • Manage pricing and rules at corporate/ HQ level or delegate among regional/local levels
Basic Price Guidance
  • Easily set optimal pricing guidance for sales reps (stretch, target and floor prices) to use within their quoting tools (CRM, CPQ, etc.)
  • Identify and create customer groups and clusters for managing policies and discounts
  • Model the full net results of all applicable pricing terms to support pricing decisions
Transfer Price Management
  • Manage international and internal transfer prices to control the profit split throughout the organization
  • Apply profit split, Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM), and cost-plus methods for transfer pricing to ensure accounting compliance and to maximize profitability
Multi Pricepoint & Tier Management
  • Price lists can be managed in parallel of each other with different business rules, or the same business rules with different input parameters
  • Enabled multi-tier pricing and differentiated price lists
Dynamic Price Management
  • Easily set up dynamic pricing conditions so that your rules apply to the most appropriate method first
  • Utilize proprietary web-scraping technology to add variable, real-time market data and competitive information into the pricing model
  • Automatically apply and execute pricing rules according to your strategies as market conditions change
Market Data Management
  • Automatically track competitive product prices via web-scraping technologies to provide up-to-date, accurate competitor pricing and price-relevant market data
  • Leverage market data to generate dynamic, local market pricing and syndicate through CRM, SCM, ERP and eCommerce platforms
Customer Price Management
  • Manage the on and off invoice incentives, discounts, and more
  • Customer price conditions individually managed for customer groups belonging to different sales channels, countries, markets, segments, account sizes, etc.
Formula-Based Pricing
  • Central management of index values and formulas including pre-approved ranges where variables in the formula can be managed, and allocate formulas for the specific item/customer combination
  • Automatic recalculation of prices according to agreed conditions & formulas

Our Solutions Are Just The Start

A perfectly executed software implementation doesn’t guarantee successful outcomes. With Vendavo Value Transformation Consulting, you’ll empower engagements and drive guaranteed outcomes, accelerating profitability.  We alone can offer this level of service – and the proven results our customers enjoy.


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