Leading Confectionary Manufacturer Sweetens Trade Promotion Management with Vendavo

Discover how this leading confectionary manufacturer modernized their sales process and improved profitability with Vendavo’s Rebate & Channel Manager.

Highlighted Business Outcomes

Streamlined Operations

Vendavo’s Rebate & Channel Manager provided a centralized platform for commercial promotions, enabling the manufacturer to streamline and automate their processes, reducing errors and risk, saving time. 

Increased Sales Volume

The manufacturer was able to gain better visibility and control over trade promotions, resulting in increased exposure, volume, and sales. 

Improved Profitability

With the ability to sell directly to customers and better manage trade promotions, the manufacturer experienced improved profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Modernizing Trade Promotion Management

A renowned confectionary manufacturer with a reputation for quality and innovation sought to improve their trade promotion management by replacing their paper-based system. The company sold primarily through distributors but aimed to expand their distribution channels, enhance their promotions, and boost sales. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients and developing new products, the company turned to Vendavo to streamline their processes and achieve greater profitability. 

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Historically, our sales were being managed on paper and there was no central place for commercial promotions. We needed a new solution that could help modernize the sales process. Vendavo offered the right solution for our trade promotion management processes that scales.

Vice President
Confectionary Manufacturer

Centralizing Commercial Promotions

The confectionery manufacturer faced challenges with their previous paper-based rebate and promotion management system, which lacked a centralized platform for commercial promotions. To improve the sales process, the company had to develop a new solution that required detangling the ERP and developing a user interface for rebates. After running a comprehensive program and researching various companies, they chose Vendavo’s Rebate & Channel Manager for Trade Promotion Management and scalability. 

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We were committed to training and getting everyone comfortable with Rebate & Channel Manager. The new solution helped us manage promotions better, cut costs, and drive more sales, significantly improving our operations and ROI.

Vice President
Confectionary Manufacturer

A Company-Wide Roll Out and a Significant Impact on the Bottom Line

The company successfully implemented Vendavo’s Rebate & Channel Manager to manage their commercial promotions and gain better visibility, resulting in significant cost savings, better promotions, and increased sales. Despite the challenges and learning curve, the manufacturer was committed to training and getting everyone comfortable with the new solution. The project had a major impact on the company, enabling them to sell directly to customers and improve their bottom line. The manufacturer plans to continue using Vendavo’s tools to drive success and streamline their operations, with price optimization as the next frontier. 

About the Leading Confectionary Manufacturer


This Vendavo customer is a leading confectionery manufacturer that produces a wide range of candies, including iconic brands that have been around for decades. They have a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the industry and they sell through a vast network of distributors and brokers, retail stores, and direct-to-consumer channels. The company is known for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients and for its ongoing efforts to develop new and exciting products that appeal to a wide variety of customers of all ages 

Fast Facts

Industry: CPG Manufacturing

Region: North America, with distribution channels in more than 75 countries

Vendavo Product: Rebate & Channel Manager


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