Market Trends Transforming B2B Pricing


Key Market Trends Transforming B2B Pricing & Sales

Learn the seismic shifts with permanent consequences for sales and pricing strategies and execution.

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The world of manufacturing and distribution underwent a series of transformative shifts in the wake of sweeping change in the early 2020s. The evolution that has since occurred has meant tangible changes, reshaping the very foundation of how manufacturers and distributors operate, connect, and thrive – plus how they market, sell, and engage in commerce.

This eBook examines the relevant research and key trends transforming B2B pricing and sales, including:

  • The dominance of omnichannel selling and buying in B2B
  • The ongoing importance of focusing on customer experience (CX) in B2B
  • Why establishing a “commercial excellence” capability to support your sales and marketing efforts matters
  • How AI is becoming pricers’ and sales teams’ favorite co-pilot

The findings in this report provide a roadmap for industrial manufacturers to thrive in an age defined by both disruption and innovation.

Collaboration is essential for delivering the very best results for your customers and using AI in a way that saves time and protects business interests.