Pricing Excellence Report and Outlook 2024

Gain exclusive access to the insights and forecasts shaping the future of pricing. Discover how the industry’s top pricing professionals view pricing talent, pricing maturity, common challenges, pricing models, and more. 

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Elevate Your Pricing Game with the Latest Insights

Get ahead in your industry with Copperberg and Vendavo’s Pricing Excellence Report and Outlook 2024. The report is the culmination of four years of intensive research surveying the industry’s top pricing professionals, revealing the game-changers that are shaping pricing excellence. Download now and learn how to:

  • Optimize your team with insights into team dynamics, stability, and skillset requirements
  • Master your pricing models and leverage software with agile capabilities
  • Collaborate effectively with strategies for your pricing team and function
  • Anticipate and tackle pricing challenges in the next 12 months like competitive pressures, market turbulence, and the impact of AI


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