Vendavo Pricing Guidance

Vendavo Pricing Guidance maximizes the profitability of every deal while improving customer experience by ensuring optimized target prices are integrated with your CPQ, CRM, and home-grown sales quoting tools. Based in the cloud, the Pricing Guidance Packaged Solution delivers comprehensive segmentation models with optimized price targets to Sales, aligning pricing closely with a customer’s willingness to pay. Business analysts and pricing leaders now have the power to measure price performance against targets and ensure prices meet corporate profitability goals. With Vendavo Pricing Guidance, organizations can see measurable results and fast time to value with additional profit opportunities of 2-5% of revenue within 19 weeks.

Price Segmentation

Vendavo Pricing Guidance gives users the ability to create, validate, and update price segmentation models that are fine tuned to their business model and needs. Users can leverage system generated segmentation models and manually update segment metrics to best reflect the business. Models can be refreshed to stay aligned with dynamic changes in the business environment. Users can now easily monitor segments of their choosing down to customer region, division, or product line.

Optimized Pricing Guidance

Facilitate communication between analysts and Sales by determining and delivering the optimal price and guidance for any given deal. Using large historical transaction data, Vendavo Pricing Guidance directly delivers insights into sales quoting tools to guarantee Sales teams have the price guidance and rationale to negotiate deals with higher confidence. With optimized target prices at their fingertips, Sales can align prices with a customer’s willingness to pay and improve win/loss ratio.

Target Price Realization

Increase your organization’s visibility into price efficiency and effectiveness with Vendavo Pricing Guidance target price realization. Effectively measured price performance against targets and goals. Users can measure the performance of segments and identify the root causes for low margins. With easy-to-use data visualization dashboards and workspaces, Vendavo Pricing Guidance ensures the performance of target prices is measure accurately and displayed to facilitate action.