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Emerson Delivers Fair, Trusted Pricing with Profitable Results

Discover how Emerson arrives at the right price points for a vast, multinational product portfolio while fostering high customer satisfaction and healthy results with Vendavo.

Highlighted Business Outcomes

Just Right Pricing

Optimal prices rooted in customer willingness to invest

Pricing Insights

Easy view Pricing practices across an expansive product portfolio

Fast, Accurate Quoting

Quick quotes that consistently offer the right price for customers

Long-time innovators are also early adopters of price optimization

Emerson is a global Fortune 200 technology and software company driving innovation to make the world healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable. As a global innovator in process automation, the company solves some of the most complex challenges for customers across industries including energy, life sciences, food and beverage, power and water.

Emerson’s innovative nature permeates through every area of the company, including in their global business processes and systems team which supports the company’s sales, pricing, and invoicing functions. The company is one of Vendavo’s earliest adopters in price optimization – first implementing the solution in 2005. Maintaining the right price that is both fair for customers and profitable for the company has been an ongoing effort at the growing company for nearly 30 years.

Emerson Case Study

Being an early adopter of Vendavo has been beneficial for us at Emerson. The company has been able to take our feedback and lessons learned into account in their product enhancements, making it a useful tool for all of their customers.

Catherine Hedermann
Catherine Hedermann
Global Business Excellence Manager
Emerson Case Study 2

The right price every time, for every segment

As a technology and software partner to so many, Emerson offers a massive product portfolio across many geographies, industries, and customer types. Recognizing that the foundation for all strong customer relationships is trust, delivering a fair price was a top priority. Yet how could they consistently arrive at prices that are both fair for customers and profitable for the company?

To better understand customer preferences and challenges, segmented by country or region and industry, Emerson set out to optimize prices based on market’s demand. They also needed the ability to pivot quickly when circumstance calls, as it did through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since implementing Vendavo, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our pricing strategies and results. It’s been a valuable tool for us at Emerson.

Catherine Hedermann
Catherine Hedermann
Global Business Excellence Manager

Keeping a close eye on pricing strategy

Emerson has implemented various Vendavo pricing solutions across 29 different internal teams, and they have been game changers for Emerson’s global entreprise strategic marketing team. The solutions help them understand both opportunities and risks for pricing across their Emerson.

With Vendavo, Emerson also gains important, easy to access insights on price realization, a particularly important metric for a company of their size in the sensitive-to-change industry of processing. They can easily see which products rise per industry.

Emerson Case Study 3

Vendavo has been a game-changer for our team at Emerson. It’s user-friendly interface and systems ‘integration make it easy for us to navigate and analyze data.

Catherine Hedermann
Catherine Hedermann
Global Business Excellence Manager
Emerson Case Study 4

Fast, accurate quoting

Using Vendavo Intelligent CPQ, the Emerson sales teams can also quickly generate informed pricing quotes for all their customer segments. The information is accurate, and the quote consistently reflects the company’s professional brand every time.

About Emerson


Founded in 1890, Emerson is a multinational technology and engineering powerhouse and Fortune 500 process industry automation provider for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Rooted in innovation, they are focused on making the world healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

Fast Facts

Website: www.emerson.com

Industry: Global Automation and Industrial Manufacturing

Headquarters: Ferguson, Missouri

Vendavo Product: Intelligent CPQ

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