Vendavo Sales Optimizer

Harness the power of AI to recommend the right products to the right customers.

Recommends the Products Each Customer is Most Likely to Buy

Vendavo® Sales Optimizer helps B2B sellers sell more by recommending the right products for each customer. Sales Optimizer is a SaaS solution that leverages readily available data, along with AI and ML algorithms tuned for B2B commerce, to identify, prioritize, and deliver actionable cross-sell suggestions directly into your sales team’s CRM or quoting solution. The salesperson’s view is configurable based on the CRM system’s or CPQ’s UI.

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The Right Product, The Right Price, The Right Time

Unlike generic AI recommenders, Vendavo Sales Optimizer was designed for B2B use cases and their nuanced differences. The SaaS solution is completely configurable through its user interface in a clicks-not-code manner, making it simple to set up. By utilizing the data they already have, organizations can leverage sophisticated AI without the need for data scientists or custom solutions. A typical business analyst can create, train, validate, and benchmark multiple models before selecting the most suitable model. The salesperson’s view is configurable based on the CRM system’s or CPQ’s UI.

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Identify whitespaces across your customers and get account-specific recommendations

Vendavo Sales Optimizer leverages customer purchase patterns to identify which customers should be buying additional products or product categories

Vendavo Sales Optimizer then provides specific, actionable guidance to your sales teams directly in your CRM or quoting tool so they can confidently grow your business with each account.

Transparent and contextual insights for recommendations

Vendavo Sales Optimizer’s clicks-not-code model creation enables self-service model creation and maintenance without the need of heavy data scientist consulting engagements.

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Capabilities That Drive Higher-Value Engagements

Customer-Specific Recommendations

Th right products for each and every customer.

Estimate Cross-Sell Opportunity Value by Account

Intelligent whitespace analysis provides estimated opportunity values to prioritize selling actions and guide customer conversations.

Powerful and Accurate Data Science

Sophisticated and proven algorithms identify similar-customer groups which are used to identify opportunities for cross-sell recommendations.

Explainable AI

Easy-to-understand validation of model quality and resulting recommendations ensure that provided outputs are meaningful and actionable.

Easy-to-Use Sales Guidance

Onboard sales reps more quickly with high-probability and high-value opportunities, directly within their existing CRM and quoting solutions.

Self-serve, User-Controlled AI

Business analysts create, train, and validate AI-enabled models without the need for data scientists or expensive consulting.

Prioritize Cross-sell Opportunities Across Products

Identify and prioritize cross-sell or whitespace opportunities across the product portfolio based on probability and revenue potential.

Flexible Integration

Simple and modern integration to your organization’s CRM and quoting systems.