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Corning Optical Upgrades Pricing Optimization for Big Financial Gains

Discover how Corning Optical realized $10 million in positive financial impacts in just one year.

Highlighted Business Outcomes

Modern Data Warehouse

New technology freed up internal IT resources and lowered IT infrastructure expenses.

Fast ROI

Identified price, margin and profit opportunities equaling over $10 million in financial impact in first year.

Framework for Optimization

Vendavo Professional Services delivered speedy implementation and ongoing expert guidance.

Going with the Vendavo-hosted solution is the best decision we could have made.

Modernizing an Aging Data Warehouse

Corning implemented the Vendavo platform and users can now quickly access and easily manipulate the data to drill down on the attributes and measures that help them make quick business decisions. While putting sensitive pricing and profitability data in the hands of another company was scary and a big hurdle for us to get over, Foret says, Vendavo met every IT and security requirement.

Outsourcing the hosting and upgrades to Vendavo has allowed Corning pricing and sales teams to focus on strategy and execution, rather than technology. The 225 active users on the product line management teams are the primary users and they’ve seen the biggest gains, says Foret. Visibility into pricing and margin patterns through Vendavo dashboards gives them better information to make smarter, faster decisions. As marketplace conditions or inputs change, the company can adjust more quickly.

Visibility into pricing and margin patterns through Vendavo dashboards gives us better information to make smarter, faster decisions. As marketplace conditions or inputs change, we can adjust more quickly.

Ken Foret
Manager, Pricing Enablement

Continuous Optimization and ROI with Vendavo Professional Services

While lower IT costs and greater reliability were big decision drivers for the Vendavo solution, the addition of Vendavo Professional Services ensures that value is being realized for all stakeholders. Vendavo pricing consultants worked with Corning Optical Communications to outline metrics for success, set goals, and then measure those goals precisely and consistently. Those resources made a huge difference in helping prove value and progress throughout the organization.

Vendavo supported solution design and configuration, change management, and value measurement. Specific value cases created for Corning included the identification of negative margin and low margin transactions, creating a process to monitor and manage costs-to serve at a granular and actionable basis, and establishing business routines for optimizing pricing in general and creating value-based pricing for key products.

Vendavo’s integrated professional services have helped us climb the learning curve faster, implement more smoothly, and deliver on the value of this investment which we’ve calculated in the first year at approximately $10 million in positive financial impact,” says Foret. “Their professional services have been crucial to our success.

Ken Foret
Manager, Pricing Enablement


Founded in 1851, Corning Incorporated is an American manufacturer of glass, ceramics and related materials, primarily for industrial and scientific applications. While best known for its line of Corelle tableware and Pyrex cookware, Corning has transformed itself into a high technology company.

Fast Facts

Industry: Manufacturing

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

Locations: 107 Corning locations in 24 countries

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