Fiber Optic Cable

Discover how Corning Optical realized $10 million in positive financial impacts in just one year.

Vendavo’s integrated professional services have helped us climb the learning curve faster, implement more smoothly, and deliver on the value of this investment which we’ve calculated in the first year at approximately $10 million in positive financial impact.

Ken Foret, Corning Optical

How did Corning Optical see $10M in positive impact in just one year? When older database technology proved lacking and limited, Corning Optical Communications leveraged Vendavo Profit Analyzer™️, Cloud Hosting, and Value Consulting to help it identify price, margin and profit opportunities, and drive both profits and savings.

In this case study, see how that paid off in just one year for Corning as it realized over $10 million in positive financial impact in year one, freed up internal IT resources and lowered IT infrastructure expenses and leveraged Vendavo Professional Services to speed deployment and establish framework for continuous improvement and optimization.