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Vendavo Provides Expert Insights in 12th Year of PPS Sponsorship

April 27, 2021

Vendavo will present a breakout session focusing on how B2B tech companies can build competitive pricing.

Denver, CO – May 6, 2021- Vendavo, the global market leader in price management and commercial excellence solutions, has announced that it is sponsoring the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) Conference for the 12th year.  Vendavo will also be presenting an expert breakout session on how to “Build Your Competitive Pricing Edge in the B2B High-Tech Market” on May 6th.

Participants in the session, presented by Kamal Sabnani, Principal Pricing Scientist at Vendavo, will learn:

  • Pricing challenges common in the high-tech space.
  • Common pricing concepts and their application in the pricing problems in high tech.
  • The pricing data required to conduct this price modeling and analysis

“B2B High-Tech is a highly competitive sector where high R&D costs, frequent changes in costs, constant innovation and shorter product cycles put tremendous pressure on the margins of tech businesses,” said Kamal Sabnani. “It’s critical for businesses to come up with the right pricing strategy where they look beyond their internal cost situations and product benefits and functionalities and focus more on what customers really value.”

The PPS conference features speakers who are leaders in the pricing community and are bringing you applicable solutions.