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Companies Are Wooing People. They’re Even Coming Up with Reasons for Them Not to Be at Work

April 13, 2024

Companies are competing for employees by offering a variety of attractive benefits beyond traditional compensation and work perks. These include extra vacation days, health leave, and innovative forms of time off like unlimited vacation, shortened workweeks, and sabbaticals.

They are also introducing unique benefits such as office days for administrative tasks, loyalty leave, and recharge days for employees to unwind. And there’s a trend towards providing flexibility in time off policies, with some companies replacing sick days with “free days” and offering options like cafeteria days for employees to purchase additional time off.

“The goal is to allow employees to disconnect from worries and recharge their energy, spending the day as they choose. For example, someone may decide to immerse themselves in a project, while someone else may take a dip in the pool,” says Jacob Ringler, head of global development and director of the Czech branch of Vendavo.

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