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Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions Sees Another Upgrade

Jin Yeoh< Jin Yeoh January 30, 2020

I am excited to announce the release of Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions 10 (VEPS10). Since our last update to EPS, we’ve added many useful new features that will support you down the path of commercial excellence.

VEPS10 is part of the broader set of solutions that make up the Vendavo Commercial Excellence solution suite. It includes: Profit Analyzer, Deal Manager, Deal Guide, Price Manager, Segmentation Manager, Price Optimization Manager, and Business Risk Alerts.

So what’s new?

  • We’re adding more to the integration party! We’ve added additional APIs in EPS to allow for more integrations between EPS Deal Manager and Profit Analyzer with our other Vendavo application modules. Now that we’re SFDC lightning component compliant, we’ll also be adding additional enhancements to the integrated experience in SFDC and Deal Manager.
  • You asked. We UX-ed. Your user experience within Vendavo EPS is important to us and we want to make it as delightful as possible. We’ll continue to close out gaps and squash out the bugs in the switch to modern browsers. We’ve also made additional UX enhancements in Deal Manager including: approval notifications, confirmation messages, deal status labels, sorting on multiple columns and color-coded highlighting of fields and Profit Analyzer: ability to sort, search, filter on columns in the inventory page.
  • Your very own Vendavo pedometer. And then some! I am excited to tell you about our new User Adoption Improvement Initiative. This is a new company-wide initiative that expands across all Vendavo applications. Through this initiative, we’re able to intelligently track Vendavo usage metrics, improve usability and user adoption and more efficiently and strategically perform user satisfaction surveys within our applications. What does this mean for you?
    • Improved adoption. We’ll be able to gather usage metrics (in compliance with GDPR and CCPA rules) and present your usage of the application. You’ll work with our Vendavo Value Consulting team to figure out what that assessment looks like and how to improve adoption.
    • Summary view of what’s new. You’ll also have access to in-app guides that will walk you through key Vendavo processes and see announcements on what’s new within the application directly in the centralized Resource center.
    • Easy feedback. A survey will help you provide direct feedback to us.
  • Oil Change and Engine tune up: We’ve also been looking under the hood to ensure the engine is tuned and a fresh oil change!
    • Upgraded from JDK8 to JDK11 which enables improved performance across the board for EPS.
    • Increasing SSO Options: + OpenID
    • Code optimizations that improve performance:
      • Deal Manager Mass Price Change refactoring
      • Profit Analyzer pricemart startup reduction time
      • Automatic run-time options setting
    • Properties clean-up to increase efficiency

What does this mean for you?

  • Connections, connections, connections: You now have options to integrate between EPS and other Vendavo application modules.
  • Improved Performance: With some of the tune-ups under the hood and the upgrade to JDK11, you’ll notice some performance improvement on Deal Manager and Profit Analyzer.
  • Faster user adoption: With the roll out of the User Adoption Improvement Initiative in EPS10 (And also EPS9), you’ll have an in-app, guided walkthrough on generic processes within certain Vendavo EPS modules. More information on creating your own customized guides can be discussed with your services delivery team.


As part of our EPS9 release announcement last year, we outlined a change in our strategy. Here’s the cliff notes:

  • Major releases will be released every 6 months and supported for 2 years starting from the release date;
  • EPS11 will move to a more palatable schedule – release cycles will be Sept/Oct and then March/April;
  • Versions and Support timelines:
    • 2 to 8.2MP6: Support ends July 2020
    • 2MP7 to EPS9: Support ends July 2021
    • EPS10: Support ends Jan 2022

Finally, there is no “I” in “Team.” This launch would not have come to fruition without the efforts and feedback from the following folks. Huge thanks goes out to:

  • The entire Vendavo EPS engineering and UX tribe who have put in thousands of hours re-writing, testing, merging code, reviewing, then rinse and repeat.
  • The Vendavo marketing, documentation and education team, who’ve contributed to hundreds of pages and slides of collateral for this release.
  • Vendavo services and sales team who have provided feedback, ideas, and support throughout the process.
  • The entire launch team whom none of this would be possible without.
  • Our executives, who apply the pressure and remove obstacles to make this happen.
  • More importantly, You, our customers and prospects, who’ve spent vital resources investing in us as we help you excel in your journey to commercial excellence.

To learn more about VEPS10, check out our webinar, Enhancements to Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions 10.