Maximize Profit With Every Quote Introducing Features and Benefits Maximize Profit With Every Quote Introducing Features and Benefits

Feature Description

Feature Benefit


Algorithmic solution and product configuration guidance is automatically generated to help sales reps quickly configure a product, bundle or package, and move on to the next step of preparing a fast and accurate quote.

  • Lightning-fast database processing
  • Unlimited product types
  • Robust rules engine that handles complex product catalogs with ease
  • Custom rules for any product configuration
  • Centralized data repository ensures accurate pricing
  • Easily customizable options for grouping and presenting products

Guided Selling

Create a standardized workflow for sales to follow as they move through the steps of configuring a product, pricing the configured product, and generating a quote to deliver to the customer.

  • Step-by-step selling for users
  • Recommends products, services or add-ons
  • Helps standardize the selling process across your organization
  • Sales reps are prompted to upsell based on pre-set rules
  • Pricing discounts and rules are applied consistently
  • Helps eliminate errors for new sales reps

Segmentation Model Creation

Use historical transaction data to scientifically generate customer segmentation models.

  • Build a data-driven segmentation models that utilize large amounts of transactional data and represents your specific business and industry.
  • Manually update, combine, or remove segments to align the segmentation model with the organizational structure
  • Use statistical metrics, reports, and charts to validate and troubleshoot the segmentation model
  • Avoid repeating underperforming pricing behaviors reflected in historical data

Optimal Target Pricing Guidance

Algorithmically generated optimal target pricing guidance is generated for every quote line item, on displayed for sales reference within the quotation workflow.

  • View the optimal target pricing guidance at the time of quote creation/approval
  • Pricing target, floor and maximum price guidance is generated for every customer and product combination
  • Arm Sales with critical pricing information to boost confidence in deal negotiations and improve customer experience.
  • Tailor pricing strategies by line of business to account for the differences in go-to-market approaches, competitive situations, and business objectives.

Pricing Automation

Support one-time product configuration, multi-currency transactions, cross and upsell suggestions and more. Flexible custom pricing options handle special product groupings, discount and markup constraints, and role-based pricing.

  • Centralized data repository keeps pricing accurate for all quotes
  • Easily update and manage pricing rules in the admin console
  • Multi-currency for international quoting
  • Pricing guard rails that protect your margins
  • Margin and commission tracking

Business Risk Alerts

Automatically detects trends in customer behavior and delivers risk alerts to Sales and all relevant stakeholders enabling proactive decision making and preventing customer churn.

  • Generate predictive risk scores when analyzing product and or customer data and trends
  • Identifies customer-specific key performance indicators that deviate from the norm
  • Business risk alerts are sent automatically via e-mail or mobile device to identified stakeholders
  • Quickly assess the current health of an account and/or product during the quotation process


Built-in workflow approval capabilities accelerate the approval process. Create simple rules to trigger approval emails and other alerts on sections of quotes that require special review.

  • Approval tracking and commenting on submitted quotes
  • Approvals for specific products, services or pricing
  • Ability to set restrictions on over-discounting and submit discounts for approval
  • Easily respond to approvals via email
  • Email alerts for the approval process


Accurate quotes produced quickly and professionally. Quote templates in the tool place logos, dynamic terms & conditions and marketing materials directly into the generated quote, ensuring a complete proposal that is consistent with your branding aesthetic.

  • Customized and Branded quote templates
  • Add or remove pages with one click
  • Universal formats supported for export – Microsoft Word and PDF
  • Send quotes directly from the console
  • Track the quote process with revisions and approvals


Unify marketing, branding, and product information to generate fast and accurate business proposals.

  • Branded proposal templates
  • Send proposals directly from the console
  • Pulls customer data directly from your CRM to make sending a breeze
  • Select or deselect specific pages to include revision history and tracking
  • Select or deselect specific pages to include
  • Revision history and tracking

Multi-Organization Quoting

Enables sales teams to pull up-to-date product and pricing data from multiple vendors within their industry, or even multiple business units within a large organization, in order to consolidate the quoting process.

  • Share product catalogs within your own company, or with other companies
  • Permission-based access to product data ensures your data remains private
  • Enable other vendors to quote your products and services while maintaining accurate pricing rules you set Globally manage multiple branches or locations


Enable outside sales reps or distributors visibility into product, pricing and pipeline data without needing additional CRM/ERP licenses.

  • Enable distributors and sales partners to produce accurate, self-branded quotes for any type of product or service your company offers, regardless of complexity.
  • Empower resellers to create detailed quotes instantly, with 100% accuracy.


Vendavo Intelligent CPQ is easy to administer, requiring no special training outside of your familiar CRM environment. Setting up your product listings and pricing information is accomplished through a straightforward and intuitive interface.

  • No coding needed to manage administrative activities
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Adjust pricing and discounting values and rules
  • Edit templates for quotes and proposals
  • Access reports


Customers can sigan-off on quotes by using out-of-the-box integration with DocuSign®.

  • Send quotes to DocuSign® with a single click
  • Out-of-the-box feature, no additional development required
  • Revision tracking and document management
  • Enforced security and compliance throughout your organization

Configuration and API

RESTFul API ensures that the solution will be perfectly flexible to meet your needs

  • Developers can create custom javascript to interact with the CPQ page
  • Access containers, entities, and properties that are created on a given page
  • RESTful architecture, supporting functions to query, create, update, and delete data.
  • Exposes workflows to be used by the developer, including saving a basket as a quote, as well as, other useful functions.
  • Enables integration to other 3rd party system and homegrown applications

CRM/ERP Integration

Direct Integration to every industry-leading CRM system, including Salesforce®

Direct Integration to:

    • Salesforce® CRM
    • Microsoft® Dynamics
    • Sugar® CRM
    • Infor® CRM
    • SAP® ERP
    • Oracle® ERP

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful data visualization tools enable flexible reporting and data analysis across the entire CPQ workflow.


  • Create your own reports
  • Visually identify outliers, correlations, and trends to determine root causes of profitability underperformance.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customized dashboards
  • Easy access from mobile and tablet devices
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • No coding needed


Data is protected from intrusions in our state-of-the-art Azure cloud.

  • All data transfers via HTTPS restricted connection to servers
  • Whitelist security practices deployed
  • OAuth required to access the CPQ application and API.

Order Entity

Ability to close a quote and push it to an order

  • Order can be transferred to an eCommerce or ERP system
  • Orders can also be transferred and set to show as a Sales Order in a CRM system


Smart UX that is responsive to the device, and maximizes the user experience

  • Only the appropriate content is presented and rendered
  • Automated workflows are built in, accommodating today’s demand for mobile CPQ capabilities


Key information – based on the individual user – is presented at a click of a button

  • Data including revenue trends give a clear indication of performance
  • Recent quotes are readily available for review or revision
  • Top quotes and recent activities are presented, so you always know where you stand