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Fall 2020 Updates for Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions

Jin Yeoh< Jin Yeoh August 31, 2020

I am excited to announce the release of Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Solutions 11 (Vendavo EPS11). As previously noted, we’re following the seasons and here’s our Fall special for this year!

So what’s new?

  • We’re adding more lanes to the integration highways! We’ve added additional APIs in EPS to allow for more integrations between Profit Analyzer and our other Vendavo application modules including Vendavo Price Point and Vendavo CPQ. We’re also continuing to enhance the existing integrations between Deal Manager and CPQ.
  • We’re upping our game on Deal Management. We’ve added front end and back end enhancements to Deal Manager and Deal Guide based on direct feedback from you! We’re also tuning up the engines under the hood of Deal Manager to allow for faster processing times.
  • Loved our current Profit Analyzer UI but want more? We added the ability to select your favorite workspace, adding multiple measures/dimensions to a table/chart, advanced wildcard search queries, adding advanced excel reports, and more!
  • Track usage? Increase adoption? In-app user guides? Yes, yes and yes! We rolled out the User Adoption Improvement initiative in EPS10 that allows you to track usage of your implementation (not just for EPS, but across all Vendavo applications) and in this version, you’ll get more out of the box, in-app user guides added to Price Manager, Deal Manager and Profit Analyzer.
  • We’ve also added a centralized Help Center so you can get all you need from one place. Finally, we’re piloting a new program that will give you the ability to ‘create your own guides.’ Please let us know if you’re interested in being a part of this!
  • Upgrades, inspections, cleaning, tuning: We’re continuing to work under the hood on these:
    • Increased support for Microsoft Edge browser
    • Security enhancements
    • Expanding coverage for automated testing
    • Continued internal infrastructure enhancements

What does this mean for you?

  • More highways, more destinations: You’ll now have more options to integrate between EPS and our other Vendavo application modules.
  • Improved Performance, Increased security: Expect performance improvement on Deal Manager and overall increased security on EPS usage.
  • Learn at my own pace: You’ll be able to experience additional in-app user guides that will be available out of the box for Deal Manager, Price Manager and Profit Analyzer. You’ll also be able to quickly access Vendavo University User guides through the help center.


As part of our EPS9, and EPS10 release announcements, we announced a change in our release strategy. Here are the cliff notes:

  • Major releases will released every 6 months and supported for 2 years starting from the release date.
  • EPS11 is moving to a more palatable schedule.
  • From EPS11 onwards, release cycles will be Sept/Oct and then March/April.

Versions and Support timelines

  • 8.2 to 8.2MP6: Support ended July 2020
  • 8.2MP7 to EPS9: Support ends July 2021
  • EPS10: Support ends Jan 2022
  • EPS11: Support ends Sept 2022

I am incredibly lucky to be standing on the shoulders of these giants who have contributed to this launch.

  • EPS Engineering, UX: for their intensive and tight collaboration that goes across oceans, time and virtual space (and the countless virtual workshops in the midst of a pandemic).
  • The Vendavo marketing, documentation and education teams: who’ve helped keep track of timelines, new technologies and virtual conferences and digital roll outs.
  • Vendavo services and sales team for their brains, experiences, their voices and their representations of the voice of the customers.
  • The entire launch team: for lighting the beacons of knowledge and awareness both internally and externally on the launch process and launch itself.
  • Our executives: for the air and the ground support needed to get this launched.
  • More importantly: You, our customers and prospective customers, who continue to run this marathon with us as we pave the way and spearhead together toward commercial excellence.