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Winning the Race to Value in the Aftermarket Industry

Change is sweeping through every industry and big trends are set to impact the Aftermarket. See how Vendavo helped Ford improve margins with automated price management.

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Industry Trends

The Aftermarket Tonic
Relieve Your Economic Downturn Ailments

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Industry Solutions

Optimization of Spare Parts Pricing
Vendavo helps manufacturers improve visibility and price management of spare parts with PricePoint and Profit Analyzer.

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Customer Success

Learn how a Fortune 500, Industrial Manufacturer company
Identified opportunities worth 3% of sales, and reduced workflow process by 80% in less than 6 months after go-live.

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Industry Research

Better Serve Customers and Boost Profitability
Gain rich insights across three business areas: digital strategy, pricing, and worker competence.

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Profit Identification​


Identify and eliminate margin leakage across the entire range of Aftermarket parts, analyze every data point to build up a picture of current pricing.


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Price Setting

Create dynamic pricing models that are constantly updated to reflect current supply and demand, product lifecycle, and market dynamics of aftermarket parts. Analyze every data point to build up a picture of current pricing.

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Product Configuration and Quoting


Enable Ecommerce for your aftermarket business. Quickly configure valid complex product offerings and submit your quotes at the speed of digital commerce.


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Vendavo Commercial Excellence Solutions for Aftermarket

CPQ PricePoint Profit Analyzer

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