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Elevate Your Rebate Game with Technology

Mike Bernard< Mike Bernard June 12, 2023

Rebates and incentives are crucial for fostering relationships in the distribution industry. However, managing rebate programs can be challenging, often involving manual processes and the risk of errors. In a recent article on Distribution Pricing Journal, Mike Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer at Vendavo, shared valuable insights on how technology solutions can revolutionize rebate management.

Rebate management software has become essential for leading distributors. It automates processes, reduces errors, ensures compliance, and scales to accommodate growing complexity. Rebate management solutions also provide visibility, analytics, and insights for informed decision-making. Effective deal management, bid analysis, and maintaining price lists are key to optimizing rebate programs. Bernard emphasizes that without rebate optimization through rebate management software, distributors struggle to maximize incentives and profits. Investing in a robust solution streamlines the process, automates calculations, and fosters strong relationships with manufacturers and customers.

Vendavo’s Rebate and Channel Manager offers a comprehensive solution for distributors to streamline, track, and optimize their rebate programs.

You don’t want to be guessing about your pricing and profit margins, especially when margins are thin to begin with.”


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