Social Round Up — October Part 1

By Vendavo
October 7, 2016

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October is here so you know what that means: playoff baseball and pumpkin-spiced everything. Here are a few good reads to mull over as you sip your pumpkin latte and watch America’s pastime.

As always, let us know what we may have missed!

1. Is Finance Ready to Change in These 4 Areas?

Synopsis: CFO Research and business process management firm WNS collaborated to find out how CFOs and other finance executives are preparing for the demands of the future. The report found four key areas where finance leaders will have to make changes to keep up.

Key Quote: “Increasingly, the ability of organizations to thrive will depend on their ability to make sense out of much more detailed digital information. Maintaining a competitive advantage requires a forward-looking, virtually real-time understanding of changing conditions and markets.”

2. Mylan’s EpiPen Pricing Crossed Ethical Boundaries

Synopsis: When Mylan increased the price of its EpiPen to over $600, it caused widespread outrage. Now that the CEO has faced Congress in defense of their pricing strategy, questions arise about the ethics of such a price hike concerning a lifesaving tool. This piece from Fortune lays out the ethics test for pricing and shows how Mylan failed.

Key Quote: “If the Mylan debacle demonstrates anything, it shows that even in markets that have little pricing regulation and transparency, pricing moves must be carefully considered and communicated…”

3. U.S. CFOs Watch Presidential Election and Brexit for Signs of Protectionism

Synopsis: There is a lot on the line for everyone with the upcoming election, but CFOs are keeping a close eye on how the differing economic plans of the candidates will impact their business performance. The same can be said for the ramifications of the Brexit vote, which are still unfolding. Forbes took a look at CFO sentiments and found their feelings to be mixed.

Key Quote: “What seems different this quarter, however, is CFOs’ level of concern about how global and regional politics might affect the path forward for each of these areas,” Greg Dickinson, managing director, Deloitte LLP, and leader of Deloitte LLP’s CFO Signals said.”

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