New Year Resolutions

By Ben Blaney
January 3, 2013

If you’re like the vast majority of other people, you’ve probably got a few self-improvement ideas in your head – or “New Year’s Resolutions,” as many people know them. I don’t like the term, because it’s too easy to drop when the year doesn’t feel terribly new; having the very personal connection to self-improvement makes it more sticky.

So what are your pricing resolutions for 2013?

NY ResolutionsMaybe your organization is at the beginning of your pricing journey, just dipping your toe in the water because of a feeling that there’s an imbalance of consumer surplus in your commercial relationships. You’re thinking about training, software, value proposition, pricing conferences, hiring, organizational structure.

All those things are important. As a pricing person, I want all organizations to be thinking deeply about pricing and taking action where they can.

Perhaps things are already developing nicely, and you could describe your organization as more than averagely sophisticated in pricing matters. Have you a new product introduction, which could benefit from more research than usually happens? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to look at customer volume commitments forever, suspecting that some promise volume that never materializes? Is there a new way you can segment your customers, to more accurately compare like with like?

So what are my resolutions? Well, outside of work, they’re pretty standard: more exercise, consume more improving reading, and calling friends more often. At work, it’s fairly modest, but sincere: I just want to engage – with prospects, clients, partners and colleagues – in healthy, vigorous conversations about pricing; to challenge and be challenged; to inspire and be inspired.

Happy New Year.

– Ben Blaney

    Ben Blaney

    Ben has deep experience in all areas related to enterprise pricing solutions. He has helped some of the world’s largest companies redesign their pricing and commercial models (systems, processes, and priorities). Ben has also sold enterprise software and cloud solutions that changed the game for Fortune 500 companies, and he has managed large teams in executing digital transformation projects in unpredictable combat zones.