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Vendavo Vision: Investing in Our Future and Our People

Bruno Slosse< Bruno Slosse August 4, 2021

Thanks to the extremely hard work and innovation of the Vendavo team, our partners, our customers, and our ownership, Vendavo has become the industry leader in AI-enabled SaaS B2B pricing and CPQ solutions.  And now, we’ll be able to expand our leadership position due to a major strategic investment from Accel-KKR and Francisco Partners.  One that will enable us to extend our innovation and success in a rapidly evolving segment where there’s tremendous growth opportunity.   

Our success to date, and the opportunities ahead, is why Francisco Partners is re-investing in Vendavo for the long haul and has brought in another world-class partner, Accel-KKR. What led them to make this move?  There are a number of reasons: 

We’ve moved past a key inflection point 

We’ve fully transitioned into 100% state-of-the-art SaaS/low-code solutions, enabling rapid deployment and best-in-class Time-to-Value for customers. This has not been an easy path, but now that we are here, the path forward is more than promising. 

We’re driving compelling, evidence-based ROI for customers  

Vendavo delivers an annual average of 1-3% revenue lift, 10% to 30% increases in profits, and an average incremental return of $21.5 million per year to our customers’ bottom lines. No one else can make this claim. 

Those results are why we possess an industry-leading customer loyalty and retention rate of over 95%, a number we’re very proud of, but a benchmark we’re always striving to exceed.  This new investment will help us in our pursuit of bringing our customers’ unparalleled outcomes and continued strong customer satisfaction. 

There’s a very big market opportunity 

It’s surprising to see, but our research shows that less than 15% of the top 10,000 B2B companies are employing price optimization and management for their commercial processes.   

By failing to do so, individual companies are leaving millions of dollars in potential profits on the table.  This means there’s an enormous global market opportunity for Vendavo as the proven leader in pricing and selling solutions. 

We’ve got exceptional strength and stability 

Vendavo is a global market leader, even in a competitive segment, and we’ve proven to be a high-growth business with significant and steady year-over-year improvements in our own market penetration and financials. Due to that performance, and by following a solid vision for the future, the core leadership team and our worldwide staff will be staying in place to guide the company forward.   

Accelerating our investment in customer success 

We’ll be using this new round of investment to support even greater innovation, product development, and customer support in order to drive still stronger customer success.  We’ll be providing the team with even more opportunities and resources to lift that success to the next level. 

The support and guidance of Petri Oksanen and his team at Francisco Partners have been invaluable to our progress and growth.  With the addition of Dean Jacobson and the team at Accel-KKR, the prospects ahead are even brighter.  As he graciously put it, 

Vendavo has already proven to many top-tier B2B enterprises that it has the best available solutions…and these new investments will enable us to continue revolutionizing how companies optimize their commercial outcomes. There’s a clear road ahead toward even bigger success.” 

We’re eager to accelerate that journey, starting now. 

See the Press Release about this new investment from Accel-KKR and Francisco Partners