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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Leverage the Perspective of Your Partners 

Mike Slavin< Mike Slavin December 21, 2022

I recently came across a paper on how important it is to apply the concept of leveraging perspective to making sound business (and personal) decisions. Where does that concept fit into dealing with the challenges of doing business today?   

It would be a bit of an understatement to say we’re currently mired in a period of turmoil and growing economic uncertainty. Is inflation getting worse or better? Are we entering a recession? Are we already in a recession? Will the Red Sox be able to land Aaron Judge and stick it to the Yankees next season?   

Can “leveraging perspective” help people deal with the impact these questions have on their business? 

I moved into software consulting more than 25 years ago. One of the most interesting and satisfying things about my current role as a Business Consultant with Vendavo is that I get to talk with a wide range of manufacturing and distribution professionals at a variety of companies. After a bit of cocktail napkin calculation, I’ve worked with close to 500 different companies in those 25 some odd years.  

I’ve gained some perspective on people, process and technology transformation in that time, including: 

  • Slow and steady
    Most “transformational events” occur more slowly than business people expect them to.  
  • Not everyone job hops
    It may seem like people are constantly jumping from company to company, but, there are still plenty of people with 10+ years of experience with the same company. They form the backbone of most organizations. 
  • Everyone has problems
    Most people feel that their company has bigger problems than competitors/other companies/bigger companies. This is not necessarily true.   
  • Obsolete isn’t always obsolete
    Many companies are still effectively using processes and systems in parts of their businesses that would have been called ‘obsolete’ years ago. Think of main-frame order processing systems, COBOL, green-screens, etc. 
  • Everyone’s data is a mess
    Well, not really, but despite all the talk about master data management, almost every business has data integrity issues
  • COVID really did change everything
    It wasn’t that long ago when people with ‘office jobs’ never worked from home. Remember how much of a hassle it used to be to set up a video conference to include the one person who couldn’t make the in-person meeting? I used to joke that presenting over video (when most people usually had their cameras off) was like presenting with a paper bag over my head. Now I’m making those video presentations every week. 

You might say I’m an experienced swimmer in the perspective pool of today’s business challenges. I’m also always willing to share it. Many other businesspeople feel the same way. 

If you need more perspective than you can get from your in-house resources, hiring people with relevant business and industry experience can be a good idea. But it always involves some risk and ramp up time. Bringing in consultants is another option. You can spend large dollar amounts on expensive experts, or you can roll the dice on smaller, less expensive, boutique consultants. As the fine print always says though, “results may vary.” 

Another option for bringing perspective to the table is to work with partners. Partners can add valuable insight and a helping hand, particularly because you’re both working toward the same growth goal.  

Vendavo is a partner. Our entire team is focused on outcomes – meaning we partner with our customers for the long haul. Our many years of experience means we can leverage our perspective on applying best practices to ensure our customers receive on-going value with help from our solutions. 

To add even more perspective to the equation, Vendavo is looking to grow our own partner ecosystem. That means that when you choose Vendavo, not only do you have access to our knowledgeable experts, you also have access to our consulting partners and system integrators.  We recently hired a new VP of Global Partners and Alliances, Matthew Kenneally to help lead the way. 

When it comes to leveraging perspective, you have many options. Vendavo should be at the top of your list.