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One-Year Later: How Vendavo’s Acquisition of Market Medium Strengthened an Already-Proven, End-to-End Profitability Solution 

Emily Magyar< Emily Magyar July 19, 2023

On the one-year anniversary of Vendavo’s acquisition of Market Medium, Emily Magyar, Content Specialist at Vendavo, shares reflections on the remarkable progress Vendavo has made – from seamless team integration and powerful partnerships, to streamlined processes and product improvements for Rebate & Channel Manager.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Vendavo’s acquisition of Market Medium, a cloud-based rebate and channel management solutions provider that served the consumer goods, high-tech, life sciences, and manufacturing industries.  

Vendavo’s founding vision was all about helping manufacturing and distribution companies find more profit and get full value out of their products and solutions, and we’ve been doing exactly that for 20 years,” Bruno Slosse, Vendavo’s CEO, said at the time of the acquisition. “We’re incredibly welcoming to the folks coming in from Market Medium, and we’re solidifying our position as one-stop for automating our customers’ end-to-end commercial processes.” 

The acquisition strengthened our rebate and channel management capabilities and reinforced our commitment to serving manufacturing and distribution organizations on their path toward optimizing revenue, growth, and profitability.  

What we’ve accomplished in year one 

Vendavo Rebate & Channel Manager is a proven end-to-end solution that assists manufacturers and distributors with everything from setting up rebate programs to handling payments and accruals or deductions and claims. The solution handles many different types of rebates manufacturers and distributors might need, all with the flexibility of a self-service program.

We’re celebrating the growth that Vendavo has experienced since joining forces with Market Medium, strengthening powerful rebate and channel management capabilities to Vendavo’s already robust, end-to-end pricing and selling solutions.  

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Our engineering teams merged
    People are one of three components at the core of Vendavo’s operations, alongside processes and technology. Vendavo acquired Market Medium for the technology, but also for the expertise their people brought. As our engineering teams have joined forces, we now have the best minds working to improve our development processes. Today, they’re running sprints, tracking key metrics, and making strategic decisions to continue improving Vendavo’s rebate and channel management capabilities. 
  • We welcomed new faces to the team 
    Vendavo brought on many new hires to support the Rebate & Channel Manager solution, ensuring we had the best talent in place to work on the product and support our customers. 
  • We streamlined our processes and made our offerings more robust 
    Market Medium’s solution could handle very large volumes of data, and Vendavo has been able to integrate that into our products. By implementing best practices from both companies, our teams have built a solid foundation together that includes a strong sales methodology, great pipeline, proper pricing, and thorough documentation.   
  • Our customers now have better visibility 
    Today, Rebate & Channel Manager empowers businesses to meet margin guidelines on sales, more efficiently track supplier and vendor rebate programs, and pass-through promotions to B2B partners and customers without revenue leakage. This has given B2B enterprises complete control and visibility across the entire commercial landscape, sales channels, and partner ecosystems.  
  • Rebate & Channel Manager integrated with Vendavo solutions  
    We continue to integrate the product into Vendavo solutions and external systems. We’re committed to building solutions to help manufacturers and distributors easily build and manage their rebate programs, payments, deductions, partners and claims all in an effort to increase growth and profitability.

“It’s great being a part of the Vendavo team,” said Jason Bletz, Vice President, Rebates and Channel Management at Vendavo and former Co-Founder of Market Medium. “Incorporating RCM into the Vendavo portfolio has allowed our team members to grow and excel to service our customers’ needs in the ever-changing landscape of the pricing and rebates field.” 

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Why should you choose Vendavo for your rebate management needs? 

Vendavo stands out as a leading provider of integrated solutions for manufacturers and distributors, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for price, quote, rebate, and profitability management. 

By choosing Vendavo as your sole-source vendor, you gain a strategic partner that caters to all your commercial excellence requirements. Our platform streamlines the entire rebate management process, empowering you to set initial prices, efficiently handle on-invoice prices, and effectively manage off-invoice incentives such as rebates. 

With Vendavo, you can leverage automation throughout every step of the process, from deal creation and accruals to deductions, payment generation, reporting, and collaboration. Unlike competitors who rely on partnerships, Vendavo offers a unified and comprehensive pricing ecosystem solution that ensures a seamless and efficient rebate management experience. We’re a one-stop-shop addressing all our customers’ needs and business cases, and we expect nothing but continued growth in the years to come.