Deal Price Guidance: Price Intelligence Software

Claim your competitive edge in every deal with intelligent price guidance.

Shift From Spreadsheets to AI-Driven CRM Pricing Intelligence

Deal Price Guidance is an intelligent, AI-enabled price intelligence solution that delivers deal-specific pricing guidance directly to a customer’s CRM and quotation workflow. Continously optimize your deal win rates, enterprise profitability targets, and the overall customer experience.

Unlike other black-box solutions that rely on proprietary algorithms and basic math models, Deal Price Guidance enables a blend of advanced AI combined with expert human intelligence that delivers optimal pricing intelligence specific to the enterprise and the deal directly to sales teams.

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Deal Price CRM Guidance Powers Customer Outcomes

24 Hours to Advanced Pricing Intelligence​

Agile, scalable SaaS architecture utilizes click-based configuration rather than code-based, so system configuration can be achieved in as little as 24 hours, substantially reducing overall implementation costs while increasing your velocity-to-value.

Expert Price Intelligence Powered By Advanced AI Technology

Unlock the ideal blend of advanced AI and expert human insights gleaned from real-world market, industry and customer experience for optimal pricing intelligence on every deal. It’s the exact opposite of complex, black-box solutions.

Optimize Pricing Intelligence Targets for Enterprise Profitability

Enhance the power of Deal Price Guidance with Vendavo’s Deal Price Optimizer, based on our patented Power & Risk™ algorithm.  Calculate the optimal target, floor, and stretch pricing with discounts and your enterprise profitability goals in mind. Set deal-specific differentiated target pricing guidance aligned with customer willingness to pay, and distribute directly to your sales channels via your CRM, CPQ, and other quotation tools. Win more deals for faster profitability.

Price Guidance Capabilities That Drive Profitability

Pricing Intelligence AI with Expert Human Intelligence
  • Use pricing science algorithms to build the complete segmentation tree
  • Manually set, modify, and add changes to reflect business judgment at the broadest and most granular levels
  • Provide statistical feedback and safety nets to ensure profitable outcomes and confidence
Confident CRM Guidance
  • Transparent pricing segmentation
  • Explainable recommendations through statistical and visual interface
  • Data visualizations based on historical transactions
  • Model the full net results of all applicable pricing terms to support pricing decisions
Ease of Use

Easy to navigate UI uses enhanced navigation and meaningful labels that emphasize information for key decision-making. Users can easily sort and search customer segments according to numerous criteria.

Optimized Pricing Intelligence

To enhance the power of Deal Price Guidance for your business, you can also add Vendavo’s Deal Price Optimizer, which uses our patented Power and Risk™ algorithm to calculate the optimal target, floor, and stretch pricing with discounts and your enterprise profitability goals in mind. Set deal-specific differentiated target pricing guidance aligned with customer willingness to pay, and distribute directly to field sales via CRM, CPQ, and other quotation tools.

Ease of Implementation
  • Configured in 24 hours
  • Seamless integration and publishing into Vendavo CPQ Cloud or other quoting tools using REST API
  • Easy operation of segmentation model with intuitive functionality
Flexible Business Rules

Easily consider continuous market dynamics like supplier cost increases, competitive pricing changes, and others to allow for smart adjustments to your intelligence engine.

AI-Driven Segmentation

Structure the segmentation with key dimensions that define your business, such as business units and geographies. Then apply Vendavo’s AI to determine customer willingness-to-pay. Continuously fine-tune the AI with statistical feedback and safety nets.

Multi-Currency Capability

Use multiple currencies as input data in your segmentation model. Deal Price Guidance can accept any currency for input data. The capability allows for the removal of FOREX effect from your pricing guidance.

Your pricing guidance is accurately computed in the currency of global sales organizations. Your changes can be easily viewed and accurately overridden.

Our Deal Price Guidance Suite

Built to work with your specific expertise and inputs to quickly deliver actionable insights.

A Few Deal Price Guidance Questions

What is price guidance?

Price guidance, or pricing guidance, is the act of using historical data to inform current pricing and discount strategies. Typically, the historic pricing data is used to calculate the total discounts of products and services and identifies the average discount percentage. Discounts and prices can then be adjusted relative to this average.

How does Vendavo AI optimize price guidance?

AI can be used to optimize price guidance in a number of ways. Vendavo’s Deal Price Guidance uses a blend of advanced AI combined with human intelligence to optimize pricing on an enterprise-specific and deal-specific level. AI is used to drive powerful segmentation features that enable segments to be built out based on your core business metrics, determine customer willingness-to-pay and provide statistical feedback that will aid in fine tuning strategies going forward. Using this in combination with expert human intelligence ensures modifications can be made to optimize price guidance across on the most granular levels as well as the broadest.

How will price guidance offer a competitive advantage?

Price guidance gives you the opportunity to raise your prices, limit options, offer tiered pricing, move away from transactional pricing and stay ahead of the competition with intelligent pricing models.