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Vendavo Expands Commercial Excellence Offerings with the Launch of Vendavo Value Consulting Services

Vendavo< Vendavo February 26, 2020

B2B organizations are often challenged by maximizing margin and measurably boosting the bottom line — and the reason isn’t always a lack of technical capability. Business process shortfalls, inefficient KPIs and a lack of shared vision contribute heavily to the challenge and today, Vendavo, the market leader in commercial excellence solutions, responded with the launch of Vendavo Value Consulting.  

Most B2B organizations realize that as they seek commercial excellence and improved profitability by offering their customers the right products, at the right prices, at the right time, and in the right manner, frequently changing market and customer demands require an integrated and holistic approach. But the answer isn’t just technology. Research shows 78% of technology projects failed to realize even 50% of the originally identified benefits. The primary reason for the friction is found within people and process.

“Vendavo Value Consulting was created to help companies overcome these challenges in their commercial excellence journey and meet their desired outcomes,” said Justin Baily, Director, Value Consulting, Vendavo. “Through our more than 20 years of experience in industry, technology, and change management, we know intimately the people and process challenges organizations often face to realize their desired outcomes. Our dedicated team works alongside our customers to ensure that the proper change management process is in place that brings people, business process and technology together, with a focus on achieving the desired KPIs.”

​Organizations embarking on digital transformation journeys can encounter roadblocks when it comes to adopting meaningful KPI’s, securing stakeholder engagement, and adoption of new technologies and processes. In the absence of success with these tactics, many organizations fail to achieve promised outcomes.

With the launch of Vendavo Value Consulting, Vendavo is the only provider of commercial excellence solutions that also partners with customers after technology go-live to ensure ROI is continuously optimized. The team does this by:

  • Delivering a custom data and process-centric assessment
  • Working with customers to define a value strategy rooted in data analysis and effective price setting strategies.
  • Identifying key strategies necessary for organization-wide change management and communication
  • Providing ongoing guidance for growing value optimization and measurement

“Too often, new software is seen as the silver bullet solution to every pricing problem. While technology is essential, software alone isn’t enough,” Bailey said. “It must be implemented as an enabler to the process that is executed by individuals. When people, process and technology work in harmony, that’s when true value is realized.”

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